Congratulations Lizzie on 50 games at the Cats.

Sunday 19th June 2022, marked the 50th game in the mighty blue and white hoops for Lizzie Yates.

Lizzie may well be the first product of the sister/sister rule at the Cats, which states the eldest sister gets to pick the AFL team for which the family plays. Lizzie arrived at Cats training to

drop off her older sister, but so warm and welcoming were the members of the U/10 girls (who knew talent when they saw it) that she joined in at training, and as they say in the classics, that was that. There was no turning back from that day.

Lizzie discarded those childish things like netballs and green netball dresses and picked up the oddly shaped Sherrin.

A member of the “Running Yates” clan, she is a bit of a superstar in her own right, a dasher on the wing, with a piercing kick and strong defence. She doesn’t mind getting dirty. A team player at heart, Lizzie has loved every one of her 50 games, enjoying playing with a great group of girls as they have grown and progressed together. Her happy place is bouncing the Sherrin down the wing at Blackman Park.

Most importantly, she is now taller than her sister. Lizzie is looking forward to the next 50 games with the Cats and playing with her mates.

Congratulations Lizzie on 50 games at the Cats.

Congratulations Eliza on 50 games at the Cats.

Sunday 22nd May 2022, marked the 50th game in the blue and white hoops for Eliza McLeod.

Eliza began her Cats journey in 2018 in the U10 Dal Pos team. She previously played netball

and basketball and was the top goal scorer in a mixed soccer team in U6’s. Cricket is Eliza’s

summer sport after a few of the Cat’s girls went on to be the founding members of the first

cricket girls team at the Lane Cove club, but AFL is where Eliza’s heart lies.

The McLeod family embraced AFL as something ‘new’ being New South Welshman, when

Eliza’s eldest brother forged the way ahead for the rest of the family. Eliza took to the game

like a duck to water under the tutelage of coach and club president Daniel Hynes.

In her inaugural season, the sideline cheer squad were left gobsmacked during a home game

at Blackman Park. Eliza took possession of the ball, found some space, ran and bounced the

ball, kept running and bounced the ball again only to concede a free kick to the opponent for

bouncing the ball more than once under the modified rules.

Eliza has amazing skills and understanding of the game, a magnet for the ball. Pure instinct.

No fear when tackling girls much bigger than herself (which is often). The top knot hair style

makes her appear taller than she is to help psych out the opposition. She plays hard but fair

and her slim stature is deceiving.

Always focused on possession, a ball winner in the ruck and off the ground. She thrives in the

midfield, a strategist. Doing the hard yakka, not after the glory, so much so that on many

occasions her quick clean handballs go unnoticed. Most of all Eliza is very team focused,

always looking to off-load the ball to a teammate.

Eliza’s talents have led to her being selected in a number of representative teams. Selection

in the Sydney North representative teams in the u10’s and u12’s was followed by a place in

the Sydney Swans Academy u12’s and more recently she was selected in the NSW U15

Combined Catholic Schools team.

She wears the ‘number 14’ guernsey proudly, channeling fellow ‘14’s’ Geelong Cats midfielder

Joel Selwood and Sydney Swans’ Callum Mills in her playing style.

Congratulations Eliza on 50 games at the Cats.

Auskick update – 26 june 2022

Hi Auskickers

Hope you had a good rest of the day on Sunday and got out and enjoyed the sun. It was great to see the kids out and about, still some work to do on the skills, holding the ball in the right position and working on the ball drop is a key part of kicking that we’ll be working on.

Couple of notes:

– We’re back on the 17th July, which is the last weekend of the school holidays. We’ve only got 4 more sessions until we finish for the year, hard to believe it’s come around so quickly!

– Since I told you on the weekend we were 9th in Australia in the Toyota Good for Footy raffle, we’ve gained two spots and are currently sitting 7th with over $7700 raised. This is a great result which will help the club for future years. The Auskick raffle tickets link is below, please share it as much as you can. Remember there is a prize for the team that sells the most tickets; let’s be that team!

Enjoy the school holidays, keep the kids out kicking the footy around, stay safe and we’ll see you on the 17th!

Go Cats!



Match Report Macquarie U16YG v s Miranda Bombers U16YG @ Blackman Park Sunday 26 June 2022

This week the Cats were led out onto the field by Tipsy (aka Eloise Halloran) for her 50th game. Despite a pre-game shoe blowout for Ash (quickly remedied by Mick’s awesome taping skills), the girls were united in their desire to do Tipsy proud and to keep the opposition off the scoreboard for the second week running.

Multi-talented scribe. Photo by David Davenport

The ducking and weaving skills of roadrunner Lily S were on display as always with precision marking from Emma, Armo and Tipsy. Jamie and Zara were dogged in their pursuit of the ball, not even tripping over their own feet could stop them! There was plenty of strong tackling from both sides, Gracie was fearless in getting amongst it to grab the ball out of a sea of arms and legs and Scarlett and Grace O’D’s speed saw each of them run away with the ball on numerous occasions, to boot it deep into the field.

Tipsy & Armo. Photo by David Davenport

Most of the game was played in the Cats’ half but when the ball did make its way into the opposition’s half, Krysta, Zara, Armo and Jamie were a force to be reckoned with, forming a defensive wall that the Bombers could not bring down. Charlie D was tasked with not letting the Bomber’s skilled and speedy number 1 out of her sight, and she met the task with 100% effort and success.

There were no timid participants on the field this week, with Emma copping a hit to the head which landed her on the sidelines (much to her disdain) and India wearing a purple cheek this week after her face hit the ground hard. But we are now U16 so there were few tears in sight, except possibly from the umpire who is sporting taped fingers today after not extricating himself fast enough from the ruck.

Molly was in fine form, kicking 3 goals and 3 behinds with Lexi and Nikki ably assisting. Two other notable goals were those kicked by Lily S, which was a bit like watching the old Aeroplane Jelly commercials with the bouncing ball finally making its way between the posts and Elin’s precision kick from the side, which was undoubtedly the upshot of her dedication to Friday night training!

Players’ Player. Photo by David Davenport

It was almost a perfectly symmetrical game with 2 goals and 1 behind each quarter and an extra behind in the last quarter for a final score of Macquarie 8.6.54 to Bombers 0.0.0.

Enjoy the win girls and happy holidays everybody!

Players player – Grace O’Dowd

Goals Lily D (2), Lily S (2), Elin L (1), Molly R-G (3)

50th game for Eloise Halloran

Sunday 19 June 2022, marked the 50th game in the blue and white hoops for Eloise Halloran.

“Tipsy” is not a parent’s first choice of nickname for an 11 year old daughter, but given it emerges from her tendency to trip over at training and, apparently, “Tripsy” is too much of a mouthful in the heat of battle, it fits. It is late summer 2018, that this idea emerges of playing Aussie rules. The BFF has a couple of brothers who play and the girls plot to get their parents to allow them to join the local club. As Tipsy is descended from rugby league and netball families on both sides, it is assumed this heresy will pass, but come the first day of Autumn, Tipsy is at her first training session on SCO. The best friend is nowhere to be found.

Tipsy has always loved her sport; little A’s, gymnastics, tennis, netball: but there is curiosity as to how a contact sport might go. At that first training session, the tackle bags come out. The drill: pick up the ball, hip and shoulder the bag and handball away. Tipsy goes in, gathers, hits the bag, handballs and jogs back to the mark with a smile from ear to ear. A footballer is born.

After all the excitement, you don’t want to be the parent that tells Tipsy the debut will need to wait till Round 2 v Balgowlah. A solid win and singing the song with her new mates, means the Cats are her team for life.

Tipsy starts her career as a defender on the half back line. To the frustration of Coach Jemma, her preferred play is to let the opposition pick up the ball and then tackle them, hard. However, she is an analyst of the game and Jemma soon has her “building the wall”. The message that possession is key is absorbed and a sharp handball is developed as the favoured means of disposal. Kicking and marking take a little longer to master.

In her fifth season, Tipsy is a footballer’s footballer, complete with socks around the ankles. Great hands, a decently long kick and a desire to be in the middle of the contest. One of those players, who never looks like they are running fast, but always seem to be in the right position to get the ball or make the tackle. Tipsy’s got a big motor and often has her biggest influence on a tight game in the last quarter. Tipsy is still building the wall.

Tipsy’s big motor comes from a big heart. Not much interested in the spotlight or goal kicking, she is all about this team. When Armo goes to ground in that semi-final, all are screaming at the players to follow the play, but Tipsy refuses to leave her mate. Enquire about her team training with the premier league teams and you will hear fondness for the intensity, but disappointment at the lack of time to socialise. Want to get Tipsy riled? Suggest she’ll be playing in different colours or singing a different team song.

Like all in this team, she is not about the standout game or the highlights reel, simply an honest footballing contribution, each minute, each quarter, each game; to her friends, to her team and to her footy. For Tipsy, the highest accolade at the Cats is to don the shark hat and be soaked by her mates. At the conclusion of her 50th game, that’s where you will find her.

She is, quite simply, the scribe’s favourite Aussie rules footballer of all time.
Long may she continue to play and to let her dad tag along.

Congratulations Tipsy on 50 games at the Cats.

Match Report Macquarie U16YG vs Penshurst Panthers U16YG @ Blackman Park Sunday 19 June 2022

This week we celebrated the awesome Elin Ladmore’s 100th game for the Lane Cove Cats, now Macquarie (soon to be Macquarie Maggots if no one else throws their hat in the ring for the naming comp).  

Whilst the game against the Panthers was not as challenging as Elin may have hoped to crown her century, it was a great day showcasing what a real team is all about – friendship and celebrating everyone’s unique talents.  

For our Cats, their team spirit was most evident as they ran through the 100 game banner, signed Elin’s game ball and dowsed Tipsy (players’ player) in icy water, amidst shrieks of laughter. But there was more to it than that, there was the willingness of all the girls to share the ball around (most notably, Lily S after kicking 7 goals), the readiness to rotate positions from front, to backs, to mids to ensure everyone had a chance to get their hands on the ball and finally the taking of “risks” (on Tipsy’s suggestion) to test their weaker game skills. 

Team work was also the order of the day for the opposition. Notwithstanding our girls’ dominance, the Panthers did not give up. There was no agro and no sulking and there were smiles and handshakes as they came off the field. Their coach and manager greeted us warmly at the start of the game and genuinely thanked us at the end and had only encouragement for the Panthers. That’s a real team of champions! 

It seems the “ordinary” cats are causing much pain for the bigger, sleeker cats of the comp. Both the Tigers and the Panthers have been put through their paces by the humble cats of Lane Cove.  

Final score: Lane Cove Cats 14.12.96 to Penshurst Panthers 0.0.0 

Goals: Charlie D (1), Emma B (1), Molly G-R (1), Eloise H (2), Lily S (7), Nikki K (2) 

Players’ Player: Eloise H

AUSKICK UPDATE – 17 June 2022

Hi Auskickers

Great morning this morning, at least we avoided the rain and got a bit of sunshine in. It was great to see that even with numbers a bit lower than hoped for, it was amazing to see the kids running around and having fun. Really good to see a couple of the Cats group step up and help out the u8s team who had a few late sickness related withdrawals. By all reports, we may not see one of the fill-ins again as he went well and is ready for u8s!

Couple of things to note:

– The Toyota Good for Footy raffle is on at the moment, like I said, so money goes back to the club, so please share the link below wide and far. It’s a great fund-raiser for the club, that will help upgrade the lights on the grass oval that will help the Auskick kids get more game time as they progress into juniors

– The AFL are running an Auskick Burst promotion, where registration is reduced from here on for the rest of the season, so please encourage any of your kids friends along, the more the merrier! If they have any questions, please get them to reach out to me. 

– Can I please get you to get your kids to wear the guernsey provided over jumpers or hoodies? It does help to identify kids (where we don’t know them already) and allocate awards

– Also, Kids go Free to any AFL game until 10th July, so get along and support your team, link below, you will need to buy tickets yourself, but head to the link for the terms and conditions, great opportunity to expose the kids to some top level footy

Go Cats!


AUSKICK UPDATE – 5 June 2022

Hi Auskickers

Apologies, not many photos from this morning as I had to run off to coach the U9 internal Cats battle down on SCO, which was great fun! Massive thanks to Damien for taking over for the presentations, I promise I wrote out the award for Ryan (Damien’s son), it wasn’t him! Great to see the kids improving and enjoying their footy. The U8s are going gang-busters, hopefully you managed to stick around and watch the kids run around in the Cats grudge match, it was really good to see!

Couple of quick notes:

– Next week there’s no Auskick, feel free to come on down, but I won’t be there…. Enjoy the long weekend, see you on on the 19th June

– Toyota Good for Footy raffle is on at the moment, all money spent goes straight back to the club, the link is so get on, buy some tickets and share the link with family and friends. 

We’ve also had a few questions raised about privacy, so if you do have any concerns about photo’s of your kid/s being on social media (the club’s Instagram Lane Cove Cats (@lanecovecats) • Instagram photos and videos and Facebook (1) Lane Cove Cats AFL Club | Facebook sites), please let me know and I’ll make sure they’re not in any photo’s that are shared publicly.

Go Cats!



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