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2 August 2022

Lane Cove U11 Duncan Vs Hornsby/Berowra Eagles U11 Div 3

The game was all about man-on-man attention and Hornsby’s Grounds Manager was eager for that to play out off the field as our team management and coaches were incarcerated between the cones and instructed that our players must use the interchange gates.  Granted our team was as benevolent as ever and gave the short Eagles our bench, rendering the aluminium one available for spectators and the cones of the ground manager redundant.

After the rather inhospitable start to the game, the boys equipped themselves extremely well in the first half, only to let their tired but well-travelled legs let them down in the second half.  I thought we made the running in that first half and the boys were able to bring their style of play to the game.  We really served up a great contest to the Eagles with the Lane Cove boys’ physicality around the ball and daring play with the ball in hand giving us plenty of opportunity up and down the ground that was not fully rewarded on the scoreboard.

I was pleased with the defensive pressure and the way we kept our forward structure during most of the first half as well as the toughness around the ball.  I said to the boys at the warm-up to be fierce at the contest and Will McKennay, Bhavya, Carter Nelson and Harry Condell were well up to the task early.  We received plenty of rebound with Bhavya around centre half back and he connected well with Ed and Will McKennay, not to mention Will Bailey.

Will Bailey was perhaps our best all day being involved on the ball and keeping busy under packs and generally looking like he had been missing a good scrap on his holiday time away.  He certainly made sure his mum was to be kept just as busy in the afternoon with a cake of Sard’s finest.

Our backline with Marcus, Asher, Dan-I-E-L Cooper , Max Bealby as well as Bhavya were tight and well organised.  While the conditions were slippery and the ball hard to handle at times, the boys down back made the most of things and gave us many opportunities to run the ball out and set up attack.  Perhaps the hardest job of the day was performed by Asher Stante.  He was stationed deep in defence with the task of being our last line.  Asher never gave up and kept trying things and was always industrious.  Very proud of his efforts and the way he has applied himself this season.

Another who never gave up was Adam “Hoody” Hood.  Despite his constant frustrations with the umpire, he always provided his team with an attacking opportunity and a leading option through the middle of the ground and into the forward line.

Our forward group of Sammy, Eli Dixon, Ethan Skues, Jack Priestly-Matthews and Finn Maher all got involved and saw plenty of the ball.  We were able to get into scoring positions often, but the Eagles managed to stave us off at the last line on several occasions.  Finn was perhaps our best, up forward, and I think has found his natural position on the field, seeming more comfortable with his run and dash between centre and the goal posts.

On to next weekend where we have a home game at 10am against The Pennant Hills Demons.

Well done Team Duncan!

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