auskick update – 17 july 2022

Written by Lane Cove Cats

19 July 2022

Hi Auskickers

What a cracking morning it was for Auskick Sunday morning, so great to see some blue sky again for a change! Like I said Sunday morning, we really wanted to focus on getting the kids to learn good skill habits, lessons learnt at this age under no pressure from opponents and playing games will set them up for when they do come under that pressure.

Plenty of action at Auskick

It was really encouraging to see the kids listening and applying it and then improving their kicking, handballing and marking. Try and keep encouraging them to hold the ball properly as it does help the ball drop and kick itself.

Couple of notes:
– We’re participating in the AFL Burst promotion where registration is reduced to $55 for the remainder of the season (3 more sessions), so please encourage your kids’ friends to come out for a try

– The Toyota Good for Foot raffle continues, we’re currently sitting at $8.5k raised, and 10th in Australia, so it’d be great to continue that progress. The Auskick  link is so please share it widely!

Nothing else from me, enjoy sending the kids back to school, see you next Sunday!

Go Cats!

Cheers, Dave

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