Match Report Mac U16YG vs Glebe U16yg White Sunday 15th May 2022

Written by Lane Cove Cats

17 May 2022

Note to readers: this week’s match report is brief…my brain is still stuck in a loop trying to process the innumerable horizontal and vertical stripes out on the field!

This week’s match was proof that cats and dogs love a good fight!  Our Cats met their toughest competitors yet, the Glebe Greyhounds, on the amazingly mud-free Steve Chisholm Oval. True to form, the Greyhounds’ speed was one of their key strengths, along with their marking and kicking prowess. The first quarter saw the Greyhounds score two quick goals, a behind and deliver an almost game ending injury for the tenacious Lily S.

Our girls however, were not going to give up without a solid fight (and the odd hiss)! There were some assertive tackles from both teams, many of the girls enjoying the opportunity to vent some of the school week’s frustrations out on the field! The second and third quarters saw our fearless Cats pull out all stops to score the only goal, preventing the Greyhounds gaining further ground.

Not to be beaten, the Greyhounds surged back in the fourth quarter, with another two goals and a behind to mirror their efforts in the first quarter. A win to the Greyhounds with a final score of Cats 1.6.12 : Greyhounds 4.7.31. Despite the loss, the Cats fought hard, their opponents complimenting them on being the first “tough” match up for the season. When we meet our canine friends again on 24 July, we will be sure to remind them that cats are the true Queens of the jungle!

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