Match Report MAC U16YG vs Moore Park Tigers Sunday 8th May 2022

Written by Lane Cove Cats

10 May 2022

This week’s game was a historic moment for the Lane Cove Cats. We celebrated the dynamic duo of Emma Byrne reaching her 100 game milestone and her awesome, dedicated dad, Greg! After a few words, hugs and tears, Emma led the girls through the Cats banner and onto the field for a tough game against the Moore Park Tigers, one of the best teams in Div 2…let the battle of the felines begin!

First quarter saw evidence of the hand ball training drills that our girls had been practising earlier in the week, getting the ball out and heading in the direction of the goals. Elin was in fine form and got us on the scoreboard with an early behind. No goals and 2 behinds for the quarter, the gap between the middle posts eluding us.

Second quarter saw Emma score the first goal of the match, a perfect aligning of the stars to celebrate her 100 game milestone. Strong teamwork from Nikki, Tipsy, Gracie and Emma saw us score our second goal. Helena batting the ball hard in the ruck, players player, Charlie D on fire in defence, Lily S chasing road runner around the field and Lexi P racing in under the goals. Our girls dominated the second quarter with strong teamwork to score 3 goals and 4 behinds.

Third quarter saw the opposition take greater control of the ball, with accurate marking. Aoife was strong out on the wing and Ashley well placed in space to nab the ball. Beautiful mark from Lily S and Armo and Chops coming in to support. Charli G’s dogged pursuit in defence (not even a hard hit to the shoulder could stop her) and Jaime regularly appearing out of nowhere to intercept the ball, allowed us to keep returning the ball down our end. An “almost” goal from Molly had those on the sidelines drawing in breath! But not to worry, 5 behinds kept our girls well ahead on the scoreboard, the other team still 0 0 0.

Fourth quarter was off to a strong start for the Tigers, their marking skills and accurate kicking got them on the scoreboard early. But not for long, with Scarlett tackling hard (despite being winded in the second quarter) and a beautiful mark from Charlie D with a strong kick out to Aoife on the wing and we were back in control. Lily D, Zara and Lexi W chasing down the ball saw us score another 5 behinds and finally Molly kicking a well deserved goal in the last minute, with the final score 4.16.40. Strong win for the mighty Cats 4.16.40 to Tigers 1.0.6.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all our mums and special thanks to Georgie, Toni and Jane for organising bubbles and nibbles, they were a treat and a great way to kick off Mothers’ Day celebrations.

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