Match Report Round 4: Lane Cove Cats U16YG vs Miranda Bombers @ Waratah Oval Sunday 1st May 2022

Written by Lane Cove Cats

2 May 2022

Match Report Lane Cove Cats U16YG

Round 4 v Miranda Bombers, Waratah Oval

1st May, 2022

The drive from Lane Cove to Miranda at the midpoint of the federal election campaign takes us through the full political colour spectrum; from the pastels of the lower north shore, through the inner-city bright green, past the red around the airport, over the bridge to the PM’s blue to finish in the bright yellow seat of Hughes.  The temptation of a politically themed match report is almost irresistible.  Almost.

The Miranda Bombers match committee have pulled out all the stops to keep the turf pitch open and all credit to them when many of the local grounds are closed at the first sign of a mild mist.  The earlier games are running behind and the game doesn’t get started till 6:15pm, making shorts a bad fashion choice.  Its cold, its wet and its muddy.  A game where the contest is likely to be won at the bottom of the pack.

Both teams have full squads, so its 16 a side.  A pack of players around the ball at all times and Pinball Wizard, not the McFly version of course, would be the appropriate soundtrack.  The good news is that if the ball can get clear, there is plenty of space.  Early doors, H is dominating the ruck and fires the ball out to a roving LilyS, into Molly’s hands and into the path of Nikki, who, as calm as you like, drops it on the boot and puts it right past Bernie’s right ear.  Nikki’s first goal for the Cats and it’s a beaut.

Jamie, Armo and Tipsy are standouts for being willing to get dirty to get the ball and Cover Girl is putting in the long runs to go with the oppositions #1, doing the unglamourous hard yards for the team.  The Cats have the better of the play, but a late goal by the Bombers puts things on an even keel.   Q1  LCC 1.2.8   MBs  1.0.6

The tempo picks up in the second quarter.  Scarlett’s long kicking game is worth double on a night like tonight.  Aoife’s uncanny knack of positioning herself to receive the ball, means she’s getting plenty in the traffic.  The defence is watertight with Armo in the thick of it and Griebs swatting opposition players away with pure disdain.  

This new girl Molly has turned up at training during the week.  Vague memories of her in a Cannons jumper.  There is some discussion of where she will play and its decided to give her a run in the forwards to see how that goes.  As she kick’s her first goal, you’d have to say it’s going pretty well.  Ash tries a few slaps back between the legs to the trailing teammates, which is surprisingly successful.  LilyS has been finding a bit of space to run and as she finds a bit of space nearer the goals, she kicks through the big posts.  

It has been a pretty dominant quarter by the Cats and not a great time to be standing in the back line on your own.  Got to be a “frozen Chop” joke in there somewhere.  Zoe commits a rookie error by running straight into Jaime and needs a bit of a rest on the bench – where she can’t tell us where she is – but mentions Tradies.  No one has a better answer, so that’s close enough.  Must come up with better concussion questions.  Nikki is off with a crook wrist and self-diagnoses nerve damage.  We don’t take any chances with wrists after the ’20 Grannie, so it’s a quick call to the medical station.  “Probably a strain” he shrugs.  Emma has slowly crawled out of the mud pile, like the heroine in one of those ‘50s horror movies and needs a sit down on the bench.  Its playing havoc with the whiteboard, but the scribe is enjoying a bit of company.  Q2  LCC 3.3.21   MBs 1.0.6

The Cats really turn on the heat in the third quarter.  Tipsy gets the ball, finds LexieP in the half forward line who marks and kicks to Graiceeee, who in turn, marks and kicks the goal.  See, it’s really quite a simple game.  This is Tipsy’s quarter and if anyone was keeping count of possession stats, she’d be well in front.  In this quarter, she and Armo, have been a living demonstration of the pareto principle.  Krysta’s assigned to the wing and somewhat surprised to find the pack coming to her, but she gathers the ball sweetly and kicks it forward.  Molly and Elin are looking like a pretty good forward combination and combine for Molly’s second.

The team play of the game starts with Chops marking the ball on the back line, finding Laces on the wing who sends it forward to the pack that seems to be permanently stationed in the mud pile in the forward pocket.  The forwards work hard to extract the ball (it might have been LexieW, but its dark, a long way away and they are all covered in mud) to get it to Ash who kicks it through the middle.  Scarlett’s been running all night and it pays off with the final goal of the quarter.  Q3  LCC 7.5.47   MBs 1.0.6

The game is essentially done, and the Cats go out to enjoy themselves.  Elin gets her first for the match and Molly her third.  Not a bad debut.  It must be getting cold as Laces is rocking some moves in the backline and Chops is directing the play into the mud pile just for fun.  The Cover Girl and Griebs are still running.  Each unto their own.  Aoife comes back on for the last five minutes after some sideline parental instruction and in her second AFL game, closes it out with a goal of her own.  Wonder who will be claiming that goal on the way home?

A good game by the Cats.  The coaches new midfield rotation policy looks promising and we look to have all key positions well covered.  Most importantly the girls have had a bit of fun in the mud.  In an era of artificial turf and grass that must be protected, a slog fest in the mud is a welcome throwback to simpler times.  

Footy in all weather – there’s votes in that.

Final Score:  Lane Cove Cats 10.6.66  d  Miranda Bombers 1.1.7

Goals:  M. Gibbs (3), S. Moliterno, G. Sachs, L. Sullivan, E. Ladmore, A. Birch, N. Krejcik, A. Foley.

Players’ Player:  E. Halloran

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