“Let There Be Light”… Partnership with Bright Spark Power

Written by Lane Cove Cats

22 July 2021

The Blackman Park lights upgrade will allow more people to participate in local sport, more often! The Lane Cove Cats need our help and Bright Spark Power has stepped in to join the campaign – ‘Let there be Light!’

Simply send them a recent electricity bill to compare and Bright Spark Power will donate $5 or $10 (business) to our Let there be Light! Fundraising campaign.

There’s no obligation to join – just by sending your bill the Cats will receive a donation! Submit a picture (take a photo or a screenshot) or upload a PDF bill at the specially created webpage: https://www.brightsparkpower.com.au/compare-electricity-donate-to-lane-cove-cats

If you DO choose to join this local Lane Cove based power company after you receive your comparison, they will increase their donation amount to $25 for each joining premises.
Bright Spark Power have kicked off their contribution with a $200 fundraising starter and pledge to match each $200 thats raised from local residents, family and friends as they submit their household electricity bills for comparison. CEO of Bright Spark Power Arran Coughlan said, ‘the value of clubs like the Lane Cove Cats, that encourage sport from a young age, is priceless for the community – but we can all benefit from the lights upgrade at Blackman Park’.
Coughlan has a regular walking route down to the Lane Cove River that encompasses Blackman Park. He agrees the lighting is poor and thinks runners, walkers and other sporting clubs can hugely benefit from upgrading lighting so we can all be out enjoying the outdoors that bit later next winter. ‘As a local business we want to support community facilities and local causes – helping this fundraiser is a great way for us to interact with the local community and for locals to learn more about what we offer’ Coughlan said
Bright Spark Power are an independent and 100% Australian-owned and operated electricity provider, founded in and operating locally out of Lane Cove. They famously gave all their customers free electricity for a day, for their birthday in May this year. The Bright Spark Power website says that the Aussie Flat Rate plans for homes in Lane Cove and NSW feature:
No credit card fees
No exit fees
No move in fee
Our Best Rate Guarantee
Local business can also join in the fundraiser – every business tariff submitted raises another $10. You can submit a bill on the website or easily via your mobile phone. Give Bright Spark Power a call if you have any questions – they can quickly assess what’s best for your business, including assessing if you’d be on a better tariff by switching meter types, which they offer at no charge – call 1300 010 277.
Submit your comparison to support the Cats ‘Let there be Light!’ Fundraiser or Switch your electricity here.


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