Celebrating 50 Games: Charli Griebel

Written by Lane Cove Cats

16 June 2021

When the Cats run on to Steve Chisolm Oval on the afternoon of 20 June, it will mark the 50th time that Charli Griebel has donned the famous blue and white hoops.

Recruited into the new Youth Girls’ team in the autumn of 2017 by the enterprising Zerners, she took an instant liking to the game and to her team mates. Not surprisingly, she talked her parents into giving up their Sundays and adopting this new game called “Aussie Rules”.
In her fifth season with the Cats, Charli has grown along with the team and is developing in to a complete footballer, eventually finding her happy place on the back line as a member of the Chops and Griebs super duo. Like every great defender, Charli is the ultimate team player, selfless with the ball and prepared to do the tough jobs in defence.

Unlike most defenders, Charli brings an overt enthusiasm to every game and practice session with a smile that could power Lane Cove for at least a couple of hours. In a squad assembled from schools all over the area, Charli is part of that magic glue that turns teams in to friends.
It was only fitting that she was voted the Player’s Player in her 49th game. Congratulations to Griebs on 50 games with the Cats.

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