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10 June 2021

Firstly it is hard to believe that the game on the weekend marks the 8th game and midpoint of the season for Team Blicavs. There are only 7 games remaining until the end of the season in the middle of August and with the next 3-4 weeks being interrupted and sporadic, lets take a timely moment to pause and take stock of where we are up to.  Unlike last season where the boys had the mantel as the best performing outfit in this age group, we have certainly come back to the fold.  The skill development across the various teams we are playing is testament to their development and also makes for a more robust competition.  I am informed that some of the larger more established clubs offer training twice a week, and so I encourage all boys to commit to training where they can to get the most out of themselves in the preparation for games.  While training is not compulsory it certainly is beneficial in the boys football development as well, we hope, for their enjoyment of the game.

We intend training tomorrow even though there is no game at the weekend because of the Queen’s Birthday.  I note that there is a game the following weekend and then there is a long break for school holidays.  Subject to availability and timing, it would be good to get a sense of who is around and whether it is worth our while running internal trial games or other skills based training in these breaks, or just simply everyone needs a break!  Always happy with feedback.

As for the match report, it’s a short one……After a reasonably strong start by Team Blicavs in the first term, the game tended to appear a one-sided affair.  I could see our boys trying their hearts out as usual but the consistent run and cleaner skills from the Tigers was too much for Team Blicavs, in the end seeing the Tigers run away with the honours.

Eli made sure he was in and amongst it and received plenty of attention, but to his credit he managed to stand up in tackles, get the occasional hand pass away.  Eli is showing great improvement and will be better for the experience.  As will Benji, Asher, Sammy and Marcus who all looked to get involved when the ball was in their area and tried to make an impact, handpassing to team mates and making their presence known to the opposition.

Jordy, Ed, Levi and Jake put in consistent efforts across the day as always, making sure our team was competitive and at times winning over possession, trying to keep the ball moving forwards or to their team mates advantage.  Billy, Jack and Ethan were strong early but perhaps faded in the last quarter and a bit as the weight of in game pressure and niggling injuries took their collective toll.

There was a considered effort by Levi and Jake in the third term to lift their own intensity levels and it seemed to flow into the rest of the team and the last quarter, where to boys to their collective credit,  managed a much more intense effort.  I saw many of our players stationed in the back half really exert 100% to try and stymie the Tigers attacking play and put the breaks on as best they could. I also saw many a second effort go unrewarded from Jordy and Jake in the last quarter, which was commendable.

Its important for the boys to learn from these harder games the importance of working together, providing run and carry, second efforts and picking up the intensity in a game when your team need a lift. Again very proud of the boys for playing out the game and trying their best for each other .

I look forward to training with the boys tomorrow night, weather permitting to work on their skill development, tackling pressure and second efforts.

Drew no doubt will provide further updates on the weather tomorrow via WhatsApp once he hears from Tim Bailey.

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