Match Report R6: Auskick Sunday 6th June 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

7 June 2021

What a great morning this morning, chilly to start but once the sun peeked over the trees it was really nice. We’ll set up 2 groups in future on the oval closest to Steve Chisholm Oval so we’re maximising the sun, apologies to the Giants kids who were a bit cold in the shade this morning!

The skills are really developing well and the games are starting to look more like games, rather than a swarm of bees following the ball! I’m loving the enthusiasm of all the kids, asking questions, listening to instructions and putting recommendations into practice. Please take a ball with you wherever you get to go over the long weekend and keep the work up. Also a massive thanks to the parents who keep offering to help out with the drills, it is very much appreciated.
Special mention as well to Gus Creighton for picking the Play the Game result to within 1, he is enjoying his new Swans gear as can be seen!
Enjoy the week off next week, see you on the 20th June!

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