Match Report R7: LCC U14YG vs Queenwood U14YG Sunday 30th May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

31 May 2021

We must begin by thanking Queenwood for changing the time of the game from 6pm at Middle Head to 3:50pm Steve Chisholm Oval. This did allow for a more pleasant start time and although we finished under lights we could get home in time for dinner.

The warm up was interrupted by the conclusion of the U16YG game, whereby in a thrilling finish the Cats scored a goal in the dying minutes to win by a point. This may have been an ominous sign for us, as the girls took the field with an air of confidence based on their previous performances. We had a great game against Queenwood last time out and due to the fact they were second to us on the table, we did expect a tight game.

We started slowly. Actually, we started really slowly. Queenwood took the ascendancy in the first quarter and kicked ahead to a three goal lead before we could say, “Is that the blue cheese, I’m smelling over here”… They were faster with their run and carry out of stoppages and we missed too many tackles close to goal. At quarter time I could detect quite a bit of frustration from the girls. It’s the first time this year I heard them complaining about what was said and done on the field. I felt this really impacted their concentration and focus. So there is a big lesson here around sticking to our game plan and trusting our abilities and what we can control.

It was a tight second quarter and we started to even the game up. Our midfield started to get more of the ball and push it forward. When we use quick handballs out of tight areas we effortlessly move the ball down the field. This is our key to success, and we saw glimpses of this over the next 3 quarters of the game. Eliza scored a great goal in the third quarter and Zaa scored 2 more in the 4th (sorry Zaa I really need to wear my glasses). The final score was QW 6-3-39 to LCC 3-5-23.

I just checked the ladder and we are still on top. The opportunities for this team are huge. Every week we see their skills improving and their effort is never in question. Today we didn’t get the chocolates (quite literally, I had some M&Ms at home which were promised for a return of goals), but the most important thing is we enjoy playing the game and playing as a team. I think we ticked both boxes today. Let’s hope we play Queenwood two more times before the end of season. We will be ready and waiting.

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