Match Report R6: LCC U14YG vs Redlands U14YG Sunday 23rd May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

24 May 2021

It was a day of firsts. The first time we have played Redlands School this year. The first goal ever to Milly who calmly celebrated and the whole team seemed to take in their stride but Mum on the sideline was out of her seat proudly cheering loudly. The first goal ever to Hannah who sneaked out the back of the Redlands defence and found the ball in hand, goal open… She kicked and it rolled towards the goal, again Mum was on the sideline willing the ball over the line. It eventually made it. The first goal ever to Zoe who drilled the ball through the posts from 20 or 30m from the goal (it was at the far end of the ground). The new white boots contributed to this! The first goal of the season to Maia who was persistent in front of goal, taking lots of marks and finally weaved one through the posts. All that practice in the park is paying off.

Captain Siena lead the team onto the ground today and the game was quickly underway. We lent Redlands three players and I know I say this every week, but thanks to all the girls who played for the opposition. After the game the Redlands coach came into our huddle and thanked the whole team for their sportsmanship and great play. This was a wonderful gesture from him and a direct tribute to the way our girls played on the ground.

Lizzie volunteered to play for Redlands in the first quarter and after her goal for Canada Bay last week we had to keep a close eye on her. Redlands were a young and inexperienced team so the addition of some experience from our team evened out the contest and provided an opportunity for everyone on the field.

At quarter time the score was LCC 2-1-13 to 0-0-0 Redlands. The most impressive part was the improvement in the way the team was moving the ball by hand. At training during the week we focused on this intensely and Manager James and Runner David both mentioned how the chain of handpasses was placing players in space. Freya again dominated the ruck contests, we haven’t practiced these at training so just imagine what this will be like when we gain some structure. Our midfielders particularly Zaa, Lizzie, Eliza, and Zara played really strong games and have formed a great partnership. The same goes for Elin, Maia, and Lexie P in the forward line. Although Elin’s great handball to Zara when Zara was playing for Redlands does mean we will need to get better alternative jerseys in the future.

We rotated Krysta, Zoe, Milly, Zali, and Hannah across the ground and I was pleased that all were highly involved in the game and super strong over the ball. In addition their tackling was ferocious at stages which won them plenty of the ball. After Milly scored one goal she got a distinct taste for another one, grabbing the ball and running hard towards the goal. She kept running and running but unfortunately the endeavour to get close to goal was more than the 15m allowed. This was a real close thing.

Lily J, Suzie, Charley, and Siena played mostly on the wing and through the middle. These girls have speed to burn so in future games we will need to use the width of the ground, instead of down the middle giving them more room to move. Siena played a super game and has added a slick handball to her running game (which proves she has been listening at training) and Lily J was always popping up in support. Charley and Suzie had just played a game of soccer but there were no tired legs today. Suzie has taken a liking to being up forward and showed plenty of dash.

Eliza played for Redlands in the 2nd quarter and I think it was the first and last time in the game she got tackled. The girls laid some great tackles on Eliza and I was hoping that none of these would lead to any major injury.

At the 3rd quarter break, the challenge was laid down by Lizzie, if the team kicked 7 goals in the last quarter, she would shout the team a slurpee (sorry Warren and Fiona not sure if you would have picked up the tab). The team dominated the quarter but we kicked 1-9 for the quarter. So no post-game slurping today. Everyone was keen to kick a goal, but we forgot about our other team mates who may have been in a better position. It didn’t matter today, but it certainly is something we can work on during the games to come. 

Well played girls. After 6 rounds we are on top of the table, with just under ⅔ of the season to play.

Final Score today LCC 9-15-69 to Redlands 0-2-2

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