Match Report R5: LCC U10 Blicavs vs St Ives Saints White Sunday 16th May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

20 May 2021

The boys had a very successful return home to Steve Chisholm Reserve on Sunday with a great game over the Saints.  The wide open spaces of SCO No 2 field were to be the friend of Team Blicavs as our boys carved up the paddock in a display of running and team play that left all on lookers hoping for more….except perhaps the Saint’s supporters.  Team Blicavs was an unstoppable and irresistible force  as they out played and out muscled their much larger and formidable looking opponents.

Too many of the boys are stringing memorable moments together week-to-week and so it’s very difficult to keep awarding the chocolates to just on field acts to the same individuals.  This week however the memorable moment goes to Drew Spiden and Nathan Chamberlain for their tireless efforts behind the BBQ for the LCC U10’s catch up.  I had heard that Drew managed an early morning recon visit to Coles Gladesville to fill up on bread and sausages before running the magnets during the game to then back all of this up behind a BBQ, with Nathan winning the Oscar for best supporting actor for his performance with the tongues.  Well done to both of you.

Now back to the game…..Ethan Chamberlain set the scene early with a return to his dashing style, taking the game on and the opposition with his free flowing and energetic play.  Off half-back. Through the middle or chiming in for a well-executed and speedy goal, reminded us all he is still our Running Man.

Billy carried on from his enormous effort of last week and quite possibly pushed even further into the realms of best team man.  Whether he was tapping to advantage, making space, milking free kicks or providing a running option from the back line, Billy sliced up the paddock like a steak knife through a sirloin with 4 goals.  His best effort above all of this was his team play! When Billy had the ball someone else was always going to benefit next and because of his goal assists there were at least 4 more goal kickers sharing amongst the spoils.

No one quite recognized Levi before the game until it became apparent he was sporting a new haircut.  Haircut or not, Levi was excellent.  He often had first use of the ball out of the middle of the ground and provided great outside run throughout the game.  He marked like Isaac Henney, never looked like dropping one all day.  Nothing was beyond Levi on game day, perhaps except a set shot outside 50 and a sausage in bread!

Benji our captain for the day was impressive with his one-percenters and team play.  Benji put his body on the line when it counted most and brought the team first attitude to the game for maximum effect.  Asher played a great team game also.  He was competitive in the middle of the ground when stationed there and worked really hard to find the ball in the forward half and was almost rewarded with a late goal. 

Teflon Jack was like a raging bull, snarling fiercely, taking the ball and two opponents on at a time. While his impact was not on the scoreboard, his team mates were better for his white knuckle performance of Spartan-esque proportions. His best mate Jake was equally devastating.  Jake was in everything early and made the most of his time up forward and when in the middle competed hard for the ball.

According to Tony, Ed’s dad, Ed apparently had a short preparation for the game but a good night’s sleep.  While last week Ed was coming off the back of a school camp, this week it appears he was catching up on his lost zzzzz’s instead.  Based on the two extremes, I’d suggest he is most definitely out of the blocks faster after a good nights rest and it showed on the field. Ed was in the action often and only too happy to be at the bottom of the pack showing his trademark courage and enthusiasm, perhaps searching for the doona…..  Jordy was not far behind Ed in terms of enthusiasm. Jordy’s game this week seemed a little different, with a large hot chocolate forming part of his pre-game, he seemed to be a little more content to hold back a little rather than take a leading roles.  His commitment was nevertheless as it always is and his willingness to chase, tackle and get the ball to team mates advantage, delivering the highlights.

Marcus was happy to go toe to toe with the opposition, getting those handballs out from the bottom of packs and played a great front and centre role in the forward line, in one instance to take a tap from Billy and converting truly. Likewise Sammy was a livewire and brought some physicality to the game.  Sammy also ensured he was in the right position to give his team mates another avenue to goal, which paid dividends with his first goal for the season. A great finish Sammy.

Eli Dixon, ever so quietly should be very proud of his achievements to date this season and during the game.  Managing his first goal in AFL during the game he is building progressively and week to week his confidence is growing with the fullest support from his team mates. Eli had his hands on the ball often and competed hard all day.  I think he might just have enjoyed himself in the huddle after the game for the team song as the boys shouted it out with he in the middle.

Well done Team Blicavs!

Looking forward to training tomorrow evening and the game back at Blackman Reserve Sunday at 10AM Vs the Mosman Swans

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