Match Report R5: LCC U14YG vs Canada Bay Cannons U14YG Sunday 16th May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

17 May 2021

It was a Zunny Day at Drummoyne Oval and Coach Greg remarked at what a beautiful ground this is in Sydney. As parents arrived they also were overheard saying that each Sunday has become an excursion, discovering different parts of Sydney’s beautiful north shore. Zily J was captain today and looked overhead towards the sun to get some clue as to which way she should run if the toss of the coin goes our way.

Canada Bay only had 11 starters, and our initial team decision to not share any players today was thwarted by the ground manager who was keen to see as many girls playing as possible (deep down I agree). We gladly accepted the offer and again ,thanks to all the girls who played for them during the game. It was good to see everyone having a run on the ground, improving their skills.

Canada Bay have been playing in Div 2, for the past 4 weeks and have come back to our competition, so we weren’t sure what to expect from the start. With the size of the ground reset, we did joke that if Zexie W got hold of a kick from the backline it could go all the way so everyone needed to be alert. The girls started confidently and in the 1st quarter opened up a large lead. Ziena was almost untouchable running at will, with Zizzy, Zilly and Zexie W in the backline rebounding the ball whenever it reached them.

Moving the magnets around on the whiteboard at quarter time, we really mixed up the team dynamics. We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to be involved in the game and also that Canada Bay had a chance to showcase their skills as well. Zreya was dominant in the ruck again and even when she played for Canada Bay they had her jumping in the ruck against us (at 3 quarter time she was cooked). Zizzy kicked some great goals today, none better than the one she kicked for Canada Bay, she couldn’t help her self. Zeliza received a knock to the nose and came off reluctantly to get cleaned up, she has a no fear attitude to every contest, sometimes an errant elbow lands in the wrong place. Our tackling pressure was amazing and is a reward for the great session we had with Coach Andy during the week. Runner Mark commented to the girls how impressed he was with their intensity. Zaa not only tackled relentlessly but I am sure she has been using her brother as a tackle bag during the week, as the physicality of each contest was top notch. Zoe was running so hard across the ground she broke her shoes. As she came off the ground to get taped up, I am sure we observed smoke coming from underneath her shoe.

At half time, we presented the team with a challenge. Move the ball by hand as much as possible. Kick for goal when you can, but beyond this look for a team mate with a slick hand pass. Zami had a run in the midfield and was winning lots of the ball and Zannah had her best game of the season applying loads of pressure. Zexie P was a tall target up forward and the Canada Bay’s defence was overheard playing rock, paper, scissors in an effort to avoid marking Zelin.

At three quarter time the team was nursing some niggling injuries, Zami had hurt her shoulder, this quickly healed when more playing time was suggested by Coach Greg. Zeliza’s nose was still bleeding and a new box of tissue paper had been found to stem the flow. Zara L continues to improve and has become an important part of Mackerill’s structure. Zrysta and Zily J both fought hard for the ball and provided plenty of speed on the wing. Lastly Zusie, played the whole game today (there were no interruptions from the round ball game). The more time she has with the oval ball in hand, the better feel she has for the game and today she played her best game of the season.

The second half was a bit of an experiment. When the girls are finding the game easy, I think its important that we provide challenges to keep everyone focused. It certainly has provided lots to do at training in the coming weeks and games ahead. We will look at overlap running, improving clearances from stoppages and structure across the ground. Well done girls. Zuper Effort!

PS Just for this week, in an effort to mask mix-ups of names, Coach Jono has decided to start every name with Z. In some strange way it worked.

Players player: Sienna

Final Score LCC 10-12-72 vs Canada Bay 1-1-7

Goal Scorers Lizzie 3+1, Siena 3, Elin 2, Eliza 1, Suzy 1

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