Match Report R4: LCC U10 Blicavs vs Balgowlah Suns U10 Sunday 9th May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

13 May 2021

The Friday night special at Balgowlah Oval against the Suns will go down as one of the greatest tussles of all time…..for Team Blicavs.  The game was more like a bar fight than football at times, with the bruises on the boys after the game telling most of the story.  The Suns were red hot!.  They had some real guns, and the game was played on their terms for most of the match. There was plenty of resistance and Team Blicavs was unable to impart their usual finesse and running style of play on the opposition.  The game was fierce and the second half a real edge of your seat tussle after Team Blicavs managed to wake themselves up from the usual routine of festivities on a Friday night.

The ill-effects of school camp hang-overs ravaged the Lane Cove West Public boys in the team for the first half and this appeared to be contagious, with the whole team taking about a quarter and a half to get going.  Despite leaking some goals with loose defense in the second quarter, at half time I think the rantings of the coaching staff (read Drew and myself) finally started to sink in and take effect, not to mention the fight and determination in the boys to not allow their opponents the better of them. The message was clear, communication, pressure, team work! It is amazing to see the lift in intensity and commitment to the contest that ensued and all of the boys should be commended for breaking their malaise early and making a real arm-wrestle of a contest in the second half. Each one of the boys lifted and the desperation and fight to win the ball, everytime it was in dispute, was commendable. Tackle after tackle, kick after kick, repeat effort after repeat effort, it was unrelenting.

By the time the game had reached the crescendo of the last term, nothing the Suns could do seemed to get the ball out of their back half and it seemed as nothing our forwards could do would score a goal.  And just when the Suns thought they might have cause a break from the pressure of our forward line with a clearing kick, Levi bobs up fully flexed, at full stretch and takes a screamer over his opponent to wow the crowd.  For that special moment and for saving a possible turnover, Levi you get the chocolates this week.  Levi play a memorable  game with his accurate kicking, spectacular marking and his encouragement to all of the coaching staff at half time, not to mention his Roblox tips to Billy pre-game as well!

I think it was fair to say the second half was probably the best football we have seen out of Billy Kerrison in two years! (The last time being at Jake Spiden’s party in Boronia Park in the dads vs kids scratch match).  He was committed to the team effort, of winning the ball, keeping it locked into the forward half and his run and voice, spectacular.  Lets hope Billy brings the same presence this week to the game and shows his team that he is building week to week and able to command a game in whatever position he plays in, including the back pocket!!!

Teflon Jack was resolute in defense and took many a telling mark across the back half.  Jack also provided great run and rebound for his team and tried hard all evening to create under difficult circumstances. Like Jack, Ethan continued to get himself involved in the contest and persisted with trying to work his team mates into the game. Jordy again managed a great snap to keep his team in the game in the second quarter, he also lifted his side when he went on attack mode in the forward line in the last quarter, slotting a free kick in front of goal on the siren.  Jordy is putting a decent resume together this season, not only has he improved his all round game, his finishing is also on the improve.  Well done Jordy!

Ed was as courageous as ever and kept his chin up even though the umpires disliked him. Ed is tough and courageous and an dourer competitor with all of these characteristics on show for the game. Sammy’s pressure around the ball was fantastic.  He proved again that he does not shirk a tough contest and that he is up to the challenges the opposition throws at him.

If Jake ever enters an arm-wrestling contest, I will be backing him in for a win. Jake’s last quarter was stupendous! Jake’s pressure around the ball in our forward half, working with Marcus and Eli to keep the ball in, to try and win possession or cause mistakes by the opposition, was what made this such an exciting match to watch.  Jake kept us in the game, and just nearly dragged us home if it weren’t for the dam clock! Marcus loves a contest and never gave up in the tussle and Eli, still learning the game, will be better for the experience next week.

Benji and Asher managed to play themselves into the game and continue to improve every week.  Tough games like this one will help them build character and game awareness, valuable for their football development.

I don’t think any of the boys left the ground feeling like they were happy about their efforts. The faces were not dissimilar to those of the St Kilda and Collingwood teams in the 2010 Grand Final draw. (…… and possibly not dissimilar to Collingwood supporters generally really, particularly as they are 17th on the ladder)   But they left everything they had on the field and they should be very proud of themselves for how they played out the game and conducted themselves afterwards. They can all hold their heads up high for delivering such a tough second half, lifting themselves up and consistently applying pressure to the opposition. Things don’t always go your way, but there is always next week! Well done Team Blicavs!

Finally, a special thank you to Team Spiden for ensuring everyone’s mother was thought of on the night and also to Team Chamberlain for sharing Ethan’s birthday and something special with all of the boys!

Its back at training for Thursday evening at Blackman Park 5pm.  See you all there!

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