Match Report R4: LCC U12 Taylas vs Pittwater Tigers U12 Sunday 9th May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

11 May 2021

The long trek up the northern beaches was rewarded as Taylas put their 2nd win on the board. The Pittwater Tigers fought hard and their effort was commendable. They had a couple of 8 year olds in their squad who looked like they had come from Auskick.

Again we had a first game player Kaia, who has missed recently due to an injured ankle. She battled the game out well despite injuring it again early in the first quarter. We also welcomed a new runner to the team in Danielle (Celestes mum and Jocks wife) which was a fitting way to celebrate mothers day in women’s football. It’s hard to imagine that only 5 years ago there was no female AFL competition for young girls.

It was pleasing to see the continual improvement across the team and on Sunday and  all players contributed when their moment arrived. 
Our dominance started early. Issy owned the midfield spending more time inside than she has recently and Immy William bought energy and intensity as she always does. Polly and Sivy had a chance to play in the ruck which will give us some depth in that position.

Despite the game being played largely in our forward half and our defense lonely for action, they fought well when the Tigers managed to get the ball into their attacking zones. Tanya cleared the ball from the half back line time and time again and when it went deeper the ever reliable Polly with Kaia by her side cleared the ball back our way. When we win convincingly our defense is a little out of the game whilst our forwards are busy, other times  our forwards are starved of action and our defense is busy. We have had a game under each scenario so far this year.

It was great to see a spread of goal kickers. We scored 8 goals across 5 different players. This will help us in close games in the future. Nikita was busy as a forward and scored her first goal and Celeste is making the forward pocket her specialty zigging and zagging for 2 nice goals of her own. Aria took a nice mark and got involved in some contests.

I am starting to see players adjust to some of the tactics asked of them such as sticking with an opponent and spreading around a contest rather than all begin drawn inside. Keeping a balance of players inside and outside the contest provides us a chance to clear the ball and use some outside speed.   I have seen players start to tap the ball into space where they can run onto it and get separation from their opponent rather than pick it up and get tackled immediately.

Overall, it was a great team effort with all players contributing and bringing intensity to every contest. 

We’re back in front of our home crowd this Sunday at Blackman against a hard outfit in the Mosman Swans. Our team manager Imogen is running a 50km marathon the day before so you may need to prop her up through Sunday morning.

AwardsPlayers player: Nikita

Player of the day: Isabel

Courage award: Nikita

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