Match Report R4: LCC U14YG vs Willoughby Wildcats Red Sunday 9th May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

9 May 2021

Mothers Day!

Playing on the synthetic at Els Hall guaranteed us a start this weekend. The ground is fast and has a true bounce which suited our players well. We welcome back Lexie W, recovering from a serious knee injury, playing for the first time in what seems like ages. She made it through the game and contributed to the team all over the field. Congrats Lexie!

Willoughby only had 12 today, so we lent them 3 players every quarter. I want to thank Willoughby for accepting our players and all of our players who crossed the line. It means we get more game time for everyone and its certainly much better than sitting on the bench.

In our pre-game talk an air of confidence was wafting around, but this was quickly squashed when after 30 seconds of the game Willoughby had kicked the first goal and we were back to the middle again. I am hoping we don’t become a team of slow starters, but at quarter time we were down 1-1-7 to 2-0-12, after Willoughby kicked straight from the opportunities they had. A highlight from this quarter was a well directed pass from Maia to a “clowder” of Cats players. Lizzie took the mark and kicked the goal. This showed wonderful game sense.

We have had a focus on tackling at training and now was the time to put what we have been practicing on display in the games. The girls fought hard for the ball and started to recover some of the ground, we kicked 3 more behinds and kept Willoughby scoreless to only be down 1-4-10 to 2-0-12 at half time.

Coach Greg and I have counted 11 players (this was difficult as we ran out of fingers) where this is their first season. It has been thoroughly enjoying to watch each of them continue to develop in all areas of the game. Freya completely dominated the hitouts today and really challenged her opponent in every contest. Sienna showed today her fast evasive skills breaking the line and kicking freely into our 50. Lily J, ran tirelessly on the wing tackling players twice her size ( she received the players player today), and Zali and Hannah was amazing in the forward line tackling and shepherding the opponents off the ball. Milly was great again in defence and Zoe is fast becoming a ball magnet what ever position she is playing in. After leaking 2 goals in the 1st quarter we put Zara L back to help out and given they only scored 1 more goal for the game, her impact was noticeable. Suzy and Charley arrived just in time after playing a full game of soccer. I think they ran from game to game and continued to run with plenty of energy on the field. Lastly Zara “Zaa”, was strong in the mid-field tackling everything that moved and winning plenty of ground balls. Well done to all the new players in the team.

In third quarter we stamped some dominance on the game kicking 2-3 and took a lead into three quarter time 3-7-25 to 2-0-12. Some highlights in this quarter. Two smashing hand passes in our forward line, one from Elin and another from Suzy. I wasn’t wearing glasses but they must have traveled 20m each and this beautifully setup goals. This shows you don’t need to kick the ball all the time to gain positional advantage. Lexie P continued to take marks in the forwards and only narrowly missed the big sticks today.

We mixed things up in the last quarter, Lexie W had a run in ruck, you could see she was gaining confidence as the game went on. We also moved Sami into the mids where she was unleashed onto the Wildcats defence. Eliza completely dominated the stoppages today, grabbing the ball and pushing it forward, she is always the first to arrive at the stoppage and first to leave chasing the ball to the next section of play. We also played Lizzie at half back for much of the game today. She played at an elite level and it was a joy to watch her play. We ended the game 5-9-39 to 3-1-19. Highlights in the last quarter.

Krysta played the best game I think I have seen her play. When she tackled they stayed tackled and always found a teammate when she had the ball. Awesome effort. Grace had a run with the opposition in the last quarter. She didn’t want to play with them, but she did and she also played really well. She showed us all what she is capable of, Thanks for making the effort Grace. We kicked 9 behinds so some goal kicking practice might be in order on Wednesday night (hey Maia!)

It was great to see so many Mums at the game, we had a big group photo at the end which I will get printed at some point and hand out. if anyone ever has any questions regarding the rules of the game or whats happening on the field don’t hesitate to ask us. As I was writing about all of the new players, I realise we potentially have lots of new parents to the game as well and I am sure its confusing to you all as it is for us.

Players player: Lily J

Score LCC 5-9-30 to WW 3-1-19

Goals ( Elin 2, Lizzie, Eliza, Siena)

Happy Mothers Day Mum

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