Match Report R3: LCC U11-2 Duncan vs Pittwater Tigers U11-2 Sunday 2nd May 2021

Written by Lane Cove Cats

4 May 2021

A sunny Sunday on the northern beaches sounds like a great way to relax…but our Cats had work to do. The pristine synthetic AFL field at Narrabeen Sports High School welcomed our boys however we were under the pump from the first bounce. Without our three tallest players, Pittwater dominated the clearances and kept our defenders busy. Captain Harry and Jerry were both given defensive jobs in the first half supported by Daniel and Toby in the second half. Our designated kickers Daniel and Ted resisted the flow with tacking pressure coming from Oliver, Tom and Josh. Toby, Oscar, Ryan, Ben and Archer worked well in the clearances after half time. Byron, Sachin and Archer played well in the final quarter as we pushed forward. The highlight was our Q4 passage from the middle which involved many but ended up with Ben snapping a shot at goal which just hit the post.

Once again team Duncan gave 100% effort for all four quarters in difficult circumstances which made all supporters proud of their boys.

Focus this week will be on maintaining possession under pressure and marking up on our opponents in defence.

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