Concussion at the Cats

Written by Lane Cove Cats

15 April 2021

Understanding and recognizing concussion has become so important in the AFL and senior community football, but kids playing junior football are just as susceptible to sustaining a concussion during a game.

Reporting a concussion is the responsibility of everyone at the ground. Coaches and Managers are busy doing many different tasks during the game and can sometimes miss what happens on the field. So it is up to all of us as Parents watching the game to let the coaches know what happened on the field.

If any player is suspected of sustaining a head knock during play, they must be immediately removed from the field and assessed by the local medical team. Some of the symptoms of concussion are confusion, memory problems, balance problems, headaches, dizziness, and not feeling right. If these symptoms are confirmed the player must play no further part in the game.

The PDF which is linked here provides more background information on what concussion is and how the safety of our players is first and foremost.

Go the Cats!

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