who do we support?

Written by Lane Cove Cats

20 March 2021

The Lane Cove Cats girls gathered today to watch the Geelong Cats vs Giants AFLW game. The rain was heavy outside, but inside there was plenty of interest in both sides. Do we support the team in the same colours we play under or do we support our local AFLW side?

About half of the girls in the room are new to the game so the idea was to point out specific rules and discuss parts of the game we have been focussing on at training. The Giants won the game in the end, and in the room I think the Giants also won the majority of the support. The girls are all very keen to learn about the game and it was great to see the Giants players being held up as role models for the girls. “It would be great to have a chance to meet them in person”, “Imagine having a training session with Alyce Parker”, “I want to play like Alicia Eva”, these were just some of the comments… The game is alive!

Thanks to the Birch family hosting.

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