Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 9

Written by Lane Cove Cats

15 September 2020

Hi Auskickers

Still hard to believe we got the full season in through the crazy year that is 2020 to date! The amount of growth that I saw in a lot of the kids through the admittedly shortened season has been fantastic, from the kicking improving out of sight, marking and sharing the ball around during games it’s been amazing to see the improvement, with kids having a lot more confidence, hopefully they’ve enjoyed it as well.

Couple of messages from me:- Thankyou to all of the people who put their hand up to help with the BBQ over the season, I’m sure everyone who has had a nice hot egg and bacon roll at the end of training appreciates it! I certainly appreciate the willingness to help out and take one thing off my mind on a Sunday morning. We’re all volunteers in the club, so spreading the load is very much appreciated.

– Special thanks to the Coordinators, Michiel, Matt, George, Andrew, Tony and Michael, who have helped out enormously, it makes it much easier when I can set you guys going and be confident you’re looking after the kids and their skills well, so a massive thankyou!

– The calendar will be finalised in the coming couple of weeks, which will be a good fundraiser for the club, so please buy one of them. If you have a good photo, please send it through.

On Sunday, we’ve got the U8’s playing their final game from 8:30am, then the U9’s playing from 8:45am on the synthetic, so if you are coming down, please be aware that there will be games happening so we won’t have full run of the grounds, the balls will be out though so you’re welcome to have a kick around in the corners.

I’ll also be ducking off to coach the U8’s so will only be available until about 8:20am. There will be U10’s playing on Steve Chisholm Oval from 9:00am and then an U11’s final from 10:00am, so there will be plenty of football to watch if you can stick around. The BBQ will be going so grab a bite to eat and watch the older boys put on a show (and hopefully get a win over Willoughby!)

Again, thanks for the year, look forward to seeing you in 2021, hopefully it’s a bit more normal than 2020….

Go Cats! (and   Go Tigers!   in the AFL!!)

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