Match Report Round 8 Lane Cove Cats Blicavs U9 vs Manly Bomber Mustangs U9 Sunday 6th September 2020

Written by Lane Cove Cats

9 September 2020

It was a great sight to see all the dads front for the special father’s day game at Blackman Park on Sunday between Team Blicavs and the previously undefeated Manly Bombers Mustangs.  Drew and family did an outstanding job making sure all the dads felt welcome and had a kick and a catch pre-game and some chocolate treats post. 

Our boys were up to the challenge from the first bounce and played hard, ran harder, played as a team and were ferocious in the contest from start to finish. At times it was more like a street fight with a ball, the tackling so ferocious.  The ball rarely went deep into either teams forward zone with most of the play orchestrated in the middle part of the ground as both teams found it difficult to penetrate each other’s defenses. It was nail biting stuff but it’s fair to say our boys got the chocolates in the end with an outstanding win for the father’s day honours!  I am told however a number of high court judges are presiding over the results at the Mosman Rowers and a decision should be handed down just after the season is finished! But no matter, our boys gave a great account of themselves against a very well drilled and skilled opposition. 

We welcomed back Evan Bertocchi this week after a long absence contemplating a round ball game.  Dad Pierro would have had a lump in his throat as Evan was let loose on the paddock to show he has not lost much of his skill or dash, while trying to work out which side was offside.  Evan played limited minutes but when he did get a run he showed us plenty to be excited about for the following few weeks of this season.  There is certainly plenty for contemplation at the dinner table over the summer coming up in the Bertocchi household.

Ethan reveled in the conditions.  Not only did he have one of his mates from school back playing with him, he also lit up the game in the first quarter with Jake S in the forward third!  Ethan Chamberlain was off to a great start and followed it up throughout the game providing great support to his team mates, always looking to run and carry and also chase and handball to great effect. 

I am not sure if Sammy Nugent reminds me more of Hayden Ballantyne or Stevie Milne.  Either way he is certainly gaining a cult following amongst the fan base for Team Blicavs.  Sammy brought his own brand of intensity to the game.  He managed to get his hands on the ball when in the middle of the ground and look dangerous when in attack, with just enough niggle to upset the opposition and keep them on their toes.  Asher Stante was outstanding with his long kicking from defense.  Asher worked hard all day and never stopped trying, thwarting many a Bombers forward press. When he was up forward he supported his team mates and played a great team game. Keep it up Ash.

Jake Spiden kicked 3 goals in the opening term to stun the Bombers. He was ably assisted by Ethan and Marcus in the forward third and never looked like missing a bag of full pointers on father’s day.  Jake’s second half was nothing short of stunning, marking everything.  In flashes of Levi Casbolt, he narrowly missed a fourth in the fourth but set Billy up magnificently to ensure the teams victory was assured. Billy Kerrison was dominant all day much to the distain of the Bombers coach.  The bombers Coach handed me a Mosman Real Estate agents card after the game in the hope I would pass it onto Billy’s mum and dad.  He told me this worked a treat last season with the Becks!  Nevertheless, Billy was in everything except the market for a new home in Mosman and the opposition had no answers for his long kicking, handball use and hitting up targets in the forward third.  Well done Billy.

Levi Von Geise was rock solid in defense and was our unstoppable force!  He was magnificent and ensured all balls in his vicinity were hard fought over and contested.  Levi’s kicking was fantastic and he was dominant in the middle of the ground when stationed there also.  Marcus Kiley brought his intensity to the game and managed to get involved in plenty of “street fighting”.  He was first to the ball often and gave off a handball where he could squeeze them out.  He pick pocketed a Bombers player who was too pre-occupied with Billy and took a fantastic forward third grab to set up a further forward attack.

Ed Callaghan and Jordy Spinks were as hard working as ever.  They are a great pair and never that far apart on the field either.  One a lefty the other a right footer they complement each other well, working tirelessly at the bottom of the pack or getting others involved in the game.   They played with intent and intensity and never stopped working for the team.  Well done Ed and Jordy!

Jake Mears was at his dashing best using his power and agility to great effect.  He ran the opposition into the ground and continued to make them pay for being slow out of the starting blocks when the ball was in his vicinity.  Jake made his opponents accountable and didn’t give up for his team all day.  And nor did Benji.  Benji Gunning was purposeful when in the middle and in attack.  He supported his team mates, looking to lead and create when called upon to do so.  A great team game Benji!

Finally last but not least.  What do Jack Phillips, Dougie Hawkins, Jason Ackermanis, Robert Dipierdomenico and Sam Kekovic have in common?….besides a love of cured meats and lamb…?. These types of football characters wear their hearts on their sleeves when they play and there is always something exciting or risky about to happen when they take the field! And for Jack, on the weekend, he was responsible for giving away more free kick than anyone else on the ground! ……….But he made up for it by maximizing metres gained with some crucial runs. Also, there is no safer pair of hands for the ball to be in than Jack and Jack took the game on, ran hard, pressed harder and made the opposition pay with his strong marking and long kicking to targets.  Jack handballed and got the rest of the team involved around him.  His day on the park was outstanding, another cracka-Jack performance!

This week’s game is at Blackman Park on the synthetic from 9:15AM to take on the long necked baby birds that call Sydney home!  See you all early for the warm up. Go Cats!

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