Tim Schmidt Kicking Clinic a Success!

Written by Lane Cove Cats

8 September 2020

It was great to see so many down at Steve Chisholm Oval on a Friday night, rain beckoning, eager to learn more about one of football’s fundamental skills. We had so many kids sign up for the kicking clinic that we had to split the session into two. Everyone absorbed every word Tim said, hoping to gain a valuable piece of advice that might transform their kicking prowess.. Keep Calm and composed, don’t rush your kicks. Walk through your kick, weight forward. Timing of your leg dictates the height of the ball. These are just some of the nuggets, that were re-iterated during the session. I am sure this translated into improved kicks on game day. The club will look at doing more of these sessions next year in the same time slot, bringing a variety of external coaches to focus on important parts of the game… Thanks Tim!

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