Match Report Lane Cove Cats Blicavs U9 vs Pittwater Tigers U9 Sunday 30th August

Written by Lane Cove Cats

2 September 2020

Our boys acquitted themselves beautifully on Sunday morning overpowering yet another quality team in the Pittwater Tigers Rioli side. The Team Blicavs train turned into a juggernaut as the boys did themselves and the Lane Cove Cats club proud. It was a complete team performance with eight individual goal scorers and countless goal assists, there were selfless acts of team play everywhere. Every player providing connections by foot and by hand, demonstrating the skills that the boys have been working on all season.  With cleaner skills and stronger commitment to the contest, the victory was a credit to the boys efforts in playing for each other and for team-first-football.  It was a crunching and bruising affair though with the medical officer kept busy, as was our boys dedication and commitment for the ball before all else!

One of those who found himself in the hands of the trainers was Ed. After dusting himself off and wiping the tears away, he was straight back to business! And that business was to search for the ball and destroy the opposition! Ed “The Enforcer” Callaghan was amongst our most lethal and outstanding weapons.  The Enforcer was as ferocious in the pack as a rabid beast, making the opposition not feel very lucky! A highlight of particular note for Ed was in the second term.  Ed proved to us all that he is all about white knuckle performance by applying the sort of forward pressure that Dan Butler would be proud of. It was a telling tackle and crisp conversion for Ed The Enforcer and a just reward too.  For crushing the opposition hopes with magnum force and shooting truly with that left-foot long barrel, Ed you deserve the Brussel Sprouts this week!

Levi can sniff a goal like a bloodhound sniffs out a truffle.  He really has an uncanny sense in front of the posts and his outside of the boot goal was a most fantastic highlight of the first term.  Levi has slotted into the team just nicely thank you very much and combined well with his team mates on the day, giving Team Blicavs fantastic service off half back, setting up many a forward thrust. Levi has a calm head under pressure and knows how to use the ball for maximum effect. Well done Levi keep it up!

Marcus Kiley had an extra serving of confidence for breakfast before the game and it showed in his attack on the ball and his intensity, being ferocious in the contest and always looking to be first to the ball.  Marcus stood up during tackles, and through this managed to keep possession for his team with deft handball.  It was certainly his best game of the season, finished off with a great goal, after looking like getting at least one all day! Great forward third pressure on the opposition with strong tackles.  Marcus brought the kind of intensity we have been anticipating from him all season. Well done Marcus!

The Jake’s were outstanding again! Jake Spiden was at it all day and impressed.  It was another Rolls Royce performance from Jake, with clean hands, crisp skills and constant head over the ball stuff!  Jakes team play was outstanding and the interactions with Benji, Marcus and Ethan in the last quarter was entertaining to watch.  Jake Mears, put his heart into the game with aggression and power running, worked tirelessly for his team mates and to get them involved in the game. When let off the leash, he provided great outside run. Jake M was damaging and provided a dangerous conduit to attack.

If the Jake’s were outstanding, Billy Kerrison was Stupendous!.  Billy had an awareness for his team mates all day whether it was from defense or when he was in attacking positions nearer to goal.  He could have blazed away on several occasions but he looked to get his team mates involved again and again when forward.  The lace out pass to Jake S on the double back lead was exception as was his deft kick to hit Sammy on the chest at the top of the square.  Whether Billy was shooting long range ballistic missiles from the middle of the ground or showing touch around goals, he was selfless and inspirational for his team. 

Ethan Chamberlain’s opponent took a strong disliking to him.  It is a similar dislike most kids have French stinky soft cheeses or the dislike Mexicans have for Donald Trump! Nevertheless, the opponent must have been under orders to pretty much wear Ethan like a pair of moccasins.  I am not sure what it was but the opposition must have known how fast The Running Man is and therefore tried to close check him, but it didn’t bother our Ethan.  He managed to bring his intensity to the contest when it counted and he ran all day looking to hand pass and receives where he could. Well done Ethan for managing a committed opponent with class, while still playing your own game.

Jordy started the game with his ski jacket still on but it didn’t take him long to swing into action being at the bottom of most of the packs winning the hardball.  Jordy burrowed in all day, was creative with the ball in hand and was always dangerous around the a ball. Sammy too was dangerous around the ball, tackling hard and getting down and dirty.  Sammy is quickly picking up his forward role as well, adding to his tally for the season and clunking down big marks when it counted the most.

What more can I say about Jack Phillips this season that has not already been said?  Jack was at it again at the weekend.  He was in everything and did everything with ease.  Jack dialed up Dustin Martin this week and was damaging in attack and was like a human wrecking ball, hitting the opposition hard with forward pressure as well as cutting the Tigers to pieces through the middle with confidence in the execution of his skills. He kick a lazy 2 goals, provided plenty of assists when he wasn’t falling off the sun lounge.

Finally, Benji played with tempered aggression for the ball and made the goal square his own. Reminiscent of Mark Jacko Jackson, Benji clunked a great grab, provided body on body pressure to the opposition and wasn’t scared to just have a red hot go. Benji made plenty of plays when he was in the middle too and is build a great season in the blue and white hoops!

This week’s game is at Blackman Park from 9:15AM.  See you all early for the warm up. Go Cats!

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