Lane Cove Cats Auskick Week 7 Sunday 30th August

Written by Lane Cove Cats

1 September 2020

What an awesome morning, apologies for the delay inputting this out, I was enjoying the sunshine yesterday! I’m reliably informed that the games were another improvement, with the kids sharing the ball and further developing their skills. I’m not sure of the backline flooding as shown in the photo’s, but as long as they stopped the goal that’s the main thing right!!

Massive thanks to Shirani and Angela for stepping up to help out on the BBQ, I’m sure everyone appreciated your efforts!

Couple of small house-keeping things:- This week is Father’s Day, so we’re going to have Kids vs Dads games on one side of the oval, while we’ll have exercises set up on the other side for the other groups. Grandfathers, older siblings and/or mothers or anyone else are more than welcome to play if fathers aren’t able to be there.

There will be prizes for best players, so come ready to go!- Due to the cafe opening up down near the dog park, Tea and James have been told they’re not allowed to park their van up near the synthetic ovals, I’m trying to sort this out, so hopefully we’ll be able to have a coffee van again soon.

We’ve only got 2 official weeks left, the 6th and 13th Sept, but since we need to get the guernseys and shorts back, I’m planning to be down at Blackman Park for the 20th September, with the balls out for the kids to have a fun kick around.

If you can bring your guernseys back then, that would be much appreciated. It will be unstructured, and more fun focused, but feel free to come down.

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