Match Report Lane Cove Cats Blicavs U9 vs Forest Lions Yellow Sunday 23rd August

Written by Lane Cove Cats

27 August 2020

Our boys acquitted themselves well on Sunday morning as we played the away fixture against the Forest Lyons.  The opposition was welcoming and competitive as they threw everything at us including a Zephyrus-like 40 knot sou-westerly that greeted us on the dog track.  It was a spirited and entertaining match of football, one for the ages!  It certainly had everything and played out like an ancient Greek tragedy for the home team.  It had drama, tears, blood and guts (mostly Jack’s nose), team spirit, effort, enthusiasm and the slaying of a few Lyons!  

Billy Kerrison doesn’t need a 40 knot tail breeze to kick the ball 40 metres usually, but his wind assisted efforts in the first quarter managed to push the Cats briskly off the line with a hattrick of goals. Bill was solid in the conditions and always looked menacing to the opposition.  The Lyons must have been thinking, “What manner of Colossus of an u9 year old must hath beset us amongst the sands of the Illiad blowing in our faces?”…. It was just Billy raining down some goals, in a stiff breeze and the ground manager cursing the sprinkler timer that didn’t go off the day before!.

If Billy was our Colossus, then Jake Spiden was our Zeus.  He brought the thunder and played a game that the God’s of Olympus would have been proud of! If he wasn’t clunking every mark in sight he was tackling, hand passing and kicking like a Trojan god…perhaps Anthony Koutourfides like for Carlton fans.  Jake was outstanding all game. He kicked three goals, set plenty up as well and did the team things that you expect from your captain for the day.  If the game was like a meal on Mt Olympus, then Jake would have Ubered out dining on all parts of the Quattro Formaggi Souvlaki Pizza – he was there for four quarters and kept presenting all day and never gave up.

Ed Callaghan was strapped up like a warrior ready for battle and played a solid game. He was very courageous to take the field and managed to find ways to impact the game.  Benji Gunning made a solid impact on the game across all quarters and played a team-first-game as did Jake Mears who ran hard from the start, chased the opposition down and often showed a clean pair of heals when out of traffic.  Ethan Chamberlain was work-man-like and showed plenty of flair and dash, kicking a great goal as well. Levi von Geise managed to get plenty of the ball and in attacking positions during the course of play, sometimes almost mercurial like.  Without the solid breeze would have penned him down for a couple.  

While we had many a young man ready to fill the leading male roles in this Illiad, there were few that wanted to be “best supporting”.  Sammy Nugent came up to me after he was in the forward line for the second quarter, after stalking the square and he said no one was kicking the ball to me! I told him to go and get it himself. After that he pretty much turned the game on its ear, putting his head over the ball, consistently taking calculated risks and come up trumps again and again! If he wasn’t rewarded by the umpire for taking on the game, he gained first use of the ball for his team.  He was tenacious and unrelenting and he played his best game for the season. Drew and I were very proud of Sammy’s efforts in the game. He is a team player and taking giant steps in the right direction, an Oscar winner in the circumstances and possibly ready for a chapter in one of Homer’s epics!

Asher Stante played a real team game too making sure the opposition knew he was in an attacking position, making them accountable.  When Asher got his hands on the ball he was able to do something with it and was always looking to impact the game.  As did Marcus Kiley who was prepared to dig in at the bottom of packs and feed the ball out despite getting a face full of dirty at times. Marcus kept up the tackling pressure from last week and worked hard when near the contest. Keep up the intensity Asher and Marcus!

Finally, every Greek drama needs a Greek warrior and who else but Jack Phillipousostalakisidis to fill the role of Archilles.  If it wasn’t claret streaming from his nose it was garlic sauce sweating from his pores. He stopped for no man or beast, not even the horses tail in the face.  Jack-Archilles-Bloodnose-Bloodnut even managed some handball assists with Ethan for a memorable exchange as well as his brute force and intimidating impact on the game. It was fire-breathing intensity from our Jack and I think Jack would have still been fired up on the trip back home to the Boronia Parthenon not quite content with slaying all those Lyons! He will have to wait until next weekend for some more big cat action with the Tigers of Pittwater at North Narrabeen Reserve 9AM Sunday!

See you all early for the warm up. Go Cats!

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