Lane Cove Cats Auskick Week 5 Sunday 16th August 2020

Written by Lane Cove Cats

17 August 2020

Match Report

Another perfect morning greeted us upon arrival to Blackman Park on Sunday, we had a bit more room as well with the U8’s getting ready for their grudge match between the 2 Lane Cove teams! It’s been really great to see the skills progression, a lot of posts hit during the Kick the Stick drill, everyone has obviously been practicing.

A few other kids, and coordinators, were hit with some stray kicks as well, but there weren’t too many tears (from kids or coordinators/parents) that I saw!

The skills during the games are certainly moving along as well, we still need to focus on sharing the ball around and getting the ball to our team-mates who are in a better position, it’s all a work in progress, but heading in the right direction!

The U8’s had a great game, I think football was the winner in the end, although I’m sure the kids can tell you which team won…. They’re on again straight after the Auskick this Sunday, so stick around and see the next step in the Auskick to Junior football transition.

As I briefly mentioned on Sunday, I’m coaching one of the U8’s teams with my son Elliott, so won’t have a heap of time after the session as I have had up until now. If you’ve got anything you want to bring up with me, please either drop me an email or message and we can figure out a time. Additionally, if you want any better quality versions of the photos I sent through, please let me know, I need to shrink them down before sending them out so the emails aren’t huge!

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