Lane Cove Cats : Important Club Milestones

Written by Lane Cove Cats

17 August 2020

This weekend past we celebrated 5 girls who achieved important milestones with the Cats. They all play important roles in our U14YG team… Introducing….

Alexandra “Lexie” Prentice.. can play up forward or through the middle. Has a huge tank and is often seen running well after the game has finished. Loves a goal and is easy to find on the ground due to the bright pink boots.
Charli “Chops” Davenport… Fearless. Plays all over the ground. Loves a towering mark, and has a side step that is not out of place on a dance floor.
Lily Sullivan…. An elite athlete and the speedster of the U14YG side. The only one who is ever happy about doing a run around the oval. Possesses an exquisite kick and has made the wing her position this year.
Emma “Burner” Byrne… The original, the first girls footballer at the Cats. Has an eeenooorrmmmous kick and is strong overhead. Currently leads the forwards from half forward. A true legend and role model for all the girls. If only she supported the Swans,
Elin Ladmore… The second girls player at the Cats, has made the forward line her position this year, booting a swag of goals, but more importantly is leading the goal assists for the team.

As a community club it is pleasing to see a group of girls reach a level in their playing career where we can celebrate their contribution and the years of enjoyment playing footy with their friends. Congratulations to all!

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