Lane Cove Cats U9 Blicavs vs Willoughby Wildcats Green U9 Sunday 9th August

Written by Lane Cove Cats

12 August 2020

Match Report

The weather gods were shining on Team Blicavs Sunday morning, for not only did the boys have the opportunity to grace the field of play on what was otherwise a washed out Sunday, they managed to steal victory from the jaws of defeat from their highly fancied rivals.  Taking nothing away from our cross-shore rivals at Willoughby, it was the most anomalous game of football with only one goal scored up until three quarter time, a testament to both sides unrelenting pressure and resolve to not throw in the towel.  But just when all spectators thought the game was going to end like an Fremantle vs St Kilda game when both teams were coached by Ross Lyon, the constant pressure built over the first three quarters was released in the final term to see Blicavs run away with an astounding victory.  The brussel sprouts must go to everyone in the team for their commitment and resolve in such a stoic victory.

Special mentions are as follows:

  • Benji’s water bottle must have contained cement because he started the game as if he had been drinking ‘harden-up”.  That contested marked and that bone-jarring tackle certainly set the scene for what was to be a tough as nails encounter. It was full-frontal no holds barred from Benji Gunning who was not shy of the ball or the physicality and he set the scene for the rest of the team to follow.
  • …..And they did!  Ed Callaghan and Jordy Spinks were tougher than a pair of Hi-lux’s, Unbreakable! – nothing got through and if the opposition did, they were tackled, man-handled and completely harassed into wishing they had stayed home in bed! The hard ball was hard fought over with Willoughby and mostly won by these two when they were proximate and Lane Cove were the beneficiaries. Jordy’s nose was involved in most of his tackles, mostly when it was attached to his face and I think Teddy went looking for it after the game with no luck.  Good luck with the rhinoplasty Jordy. If Jordy is resting a sore nose, then Ed is resting some sore feet as they were helping him exit most of his tackles he laid with the ball! He has equal to the task of providing the run and carry as he was to the tackle.  Ed is quietly putting a great season together. Can’t wait for his next game!
  • Sammy Nugent is not a shy boy and he continues to present with all the enthusiasm you can possibly hope for.  He was in and around the contest, happy to be involved in the clinches and I think he talked his way out of a few pressure situations!  It was a character building game and Sammy’s character is certainly building.  So too is Asher Stante, in only his second game, showed great enthusiasm and is learning his game craft quickly. He managed to make space when needed and was always an option for his team mates to use when going forward.
  • Marcus Kiley is not scared of a contested ball and proved many times his prowess with strong tackles.  Marcus helped keep structure in the forward line and was able to effect a heap of forward pressure on his opponents with his tackling and ensuring accountability on his opponents.
  • Levi Von Giese ran all day and kept a level head when he was called upon in the unfamiliar role as a defender.  While he occasionally was seen at the bottom of the pack with the likes of Jordy and Ed swapping AFL playing cards he provided a vital avenue out of defence with his deft long kicking, Dustin Fletcher-esque!
  • Ethan Chamberlain seemed to be always around the ball.  If he wasn’t first to the ball he was not that far away. When he found the handle on the ball he was able to provide his typical run and carry but was often curtailed by a stronger opposition.  But he never gave up trying to influence the game and play his elegant style of game.
  • These tough, competitive games build character and there is no stronger character in the Blicav’s team than Captain Bloodnut Jack Phillips.  I’d hate to be Jack’s  sister Chloe.  I think she must always have to give up the remote control and Jack would always fight her for the last scoop of ice-cream. So competitive is Jack, rumour has it he ate his twin in utero!  Nevertheless, I think Jack dialed up Travis Boak on Sunday.  He led from the front all day, with his perseverance and kicked the cover off the ball late in the game for a cracking goal after marking strongly.  Jack you are the noise, the clatter, the trouble! You are the dog in the street fight and I love it!
  • But every Ying has a Yang and Jack’s Yang is Jake Spiden.  If Jack brings the noise, Jake brings the calm and it was on his cool calm head and shoulders that the game was snatched from Willoughby upon. He kicked long and truly from just on the third after taking yet another contested mark against quality opposition. Jake proved he is the Rolls Royce (with noise dampner) and was amongst it all day. Jake looked certain to be a match winner whether he was in the back half, in the middle or clunking grabs up forward.  Keep it up Jake!
  • Last but certainly not least Billy Kerrison. Billy dominated the last quarter in the middle and proved just how important first use of the ball is.  With his long kicking, strong marking and good decision making, Billy was a real weapon for The Cats when it counted most. 

Its back to Steve Chisholm Oval for Sundays game against the Leichhardt Cygnets and we are on BBQ duties from 8:30 AM.  Drew will likely be calling on volunteers closer to the day no doubt.

See you all early for the warm up and pre-game banter.

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