Lane Cove Cats U10YG vs Balgowlah Suns Sunday 9th August

Written by Lane Cove Cats

11 August 2020

Mila, our captain, proudly lead the troops (our 11 plus 4 from the Balgowlah Suns!)  through the Auskick guard of honour for what became our second convincing win in a row. I asked Mila to focus on helping ensure we were always standing near an opponent and I heard her several times during the game reminding her teammates to do just that. Great to see some leadership developing.

The first quarter set the tone of the game with our midfield getting on top and driving the ball into our forward line where Scarlett took the Suns defense to task. Scarlett dominated all game.

She had a few long range shots go through for points but nailed one after a nice mark. Some repeated great clearance work from Issy and some  nice handballs to free players was a great reward for those cold nights on the training track where we have focused on moving the ball by handball.

A standout play was Eva’s Max Gawn like ruck tap which landed the ball in Issy’s arms  who kicked the ball long into our forward line.

As players rotated through the forward and midfield all players got involved. We saw Eloise stream down the wing bouncing the ball and Isla break free several times.

Given our lead at 3/4 time I was tempted to allow the Suns their 4 players back but instead I used the dominance to try and orchestrate some goals for players who have yet to enjoy one. Collette and Verity both kicked their first goal.   It was great to see Verity run into goal, she could still be playing in the under 8s. Had the ball bounced kindly Robyn would have also got a goal. It was nice to see Scarlett sacrifice her own game to help some of her teammates get a goal.

In the last quarter the Suns worked a few well deserved  forward entries after sticking to their game. Tanya stood firm in defence and cleared the ball multiple times back into our midfield playing her best game of the year.

We have a nice little team coming together and are starting to play some good football. 
Thanks to the Latus family for helping me get the ground setup in the short time between Auskick finishing and the game starting and also doing the BBQ duties.

Awards went to:
Darcy Vescio Player of the Day: Mila for he best game so far and leadership

Tayla Harris Courage Award: Verity for her first goal

Tayla Harris Courage Award:  Eva for some great ruckwork

Training will shift focus to defence since we have not had to do a great deal in games recently and we will start to learn some contested marking techniques. I suggest wearing mouthguards as contested marking can involve accidental contact.

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