Lane Cove Cats U12YG Privitelli vs Willoughby WIld Cats U12YG Sunday 9th August 2020

Written by Lane Cove Cats

10 August 2020

Sometimes the weather gods don’t help. After our home ground was closed, the rescheduled game for our U12YGs at ELS Hall was hit with rain and biting winds on the Sunday afternoon.

With the prospect of miserable weather for the whole game, a decision was made to put our players in three zones (backs, mids, forward). We had 4 girls on the bench and the plan was to rotate everyone through their zones regularly, with the assistance of some dads to help manage each zone rotation.

The idea was to also keep the structure in place in each zone so that when the ball moved across each zone we had players ready to take the ball or defend the ball against the opposition.

Our game was memorable for the biting cold and rain, and images of players willing to be rotated off the ground to shelter for few minutes under an umbrella with a warm jacket or towel and to warm their freezing hands before being substituted back on again for the next batch of players.

Our first half was more of a consolidation against a strong opposition, and we did have quite a few opportunities to score after bringing the ball forward.  The structures seem to be working.

Although we were still being soundly beaten, our energy levels were high, and the in final half we managed to score a goal and a couple of behinds.  LC 1-1-7 vs WWC 12-7-79
This was a true team effort with both players and parents fully involved in keeping the game going.  A big extra thank you this week to parents.

Some real positives from this game are the continuing improvement of the team as a whole, and the occasional staring roles of some of our players as they develop their skills to the next level for AFL.

It is a real pleasure to watch the team each week, and see their smiling faces when they finish, even if we are not winning.

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