Lane Cove Cats Blicavs vs St Ives Saints Sunday 2nd August

Written by Lane Cove Cats

5 August 2020

Champagne football returned to Steve Chisholm Oval when LCC U9 Team Blicavs took on the St Ives U9 Saints.  Our boys did the mighty Cats proud as they strutted their Sunday morning best in what was their most complete display of the season thus far.  They all played a role, which helped shape the game, whether it was holding their position on the field or competing for a hard ball or laying a tackle. The small things became equally as visible as the big spectacular things like the explosive runs and the accurate long kicks.

Looking at the ending of the game first, a big shout out to Jordy Spinks for he started a trend in the final term that became more catchy than a Macarena dancing flash mob in a shopping mall! It was not 15 steps but it was called the HANDBALL, and it was handball to running targets! By the end of the last term all of the forwards had got involved, all looking for Jordy’s deft touch and there were goals a-plenty.  The opposition bamboozled and the crowd loving every step.  Most of the earlier part of the game Jordy had his head down over the ball, burrowing in as he usually does, trying to make the plays from a combative position around the ball, but the last quarter it seemed as though his head was finally up and his game sense on show. There were runners everywhere and it just looked spectacular as he laid the ball off to the outside runners.   Let’s hope it continues next week.  Hats off to our smiling assassin Jordy, you get the brussel sproats this week!

If Ethan Chamberlain is our Running Man, then Jake Mears is our Speedwagon, possibly more family sized than compact, this boy has the size and the speed to be firing on all cylinders on the open road or pretty nippy around town too. Think RS6 over RS3! He celebrated a big birthday during the week and I think dad Matthew must have bought him a Sherrin because Jake M played as if it was his own ball on the field.  Powerful running, pressure football with a great finish! What a celebration and what a performance.

Ethan was enthusiastic and full of running as ever, his run on one occasion set up Billy in the square after the chain of handballs from Jordy. The gloved one, Billy Kerrison played a dependable game with one and a half hands.  There were few high-fives but his presence when forward or back was so valuable for the team. Well done Billy!

Jack Phillips! All I have to say is Firecracker Jack explosive performance! Don’t argues aplenty, lazy 4 goals, got plenty of it when Mearsy let him have his ball!

If Sammy Nugent gave up his burgeoning football career, he would be a walk up start in the WWF.  When following team orders, Sammy was at the top of the forward square, the opposition so worried about him being in a dangerous position, ever threatening in front of goals, that the Saints back-man was all over him trying to wrestle that key position from his grasp.  Determined as ever and gritting his teeth, he did not give up the fight. He drew his opponents attention and made him accountable, which ensure a goal to one of his team mates. That’s team play and determination right there, keep it up Sammy!

Ed Callaghan can play anywhere but is happiest and looks most dangerous in the forward line.  He is often in and under and always ready for a challenge, rushing, coaxing suggesting the ball move to team mates advantage. Ed had a good game.  He was a team player, worked hard and impacted the game.  Marcus was willing to add support to his team mates all game, tackling fiercely and working hard off and on the ball.  Once he got used to the concept of holding his position he was unlucky not to convert on his persistence in the forward zone.

Jake Spiden was all class. If Mearsy is a fire breathing RS6, Spidey is the Rolls Royce, comfortable in the midfield controlling the game. When forward, he took many a telling mark and converted on some crafty play in front of goals to get on the score board.  He was also happy taking on two or three Saints as his hardness for the ball shone through.  

Lets not forget our debutants, Asher Stante and Benji Gunning – they got themselves into good ball winning positions and both looked damaging in attack and with ball in hand. Benji finished off some great play up the field with a great goal, ably assisted by Levi. Levi did say to me before the game that he was a forward and I have to agree with him there.  He hit up targets at the top of the square and made playing a high-half forward look easy. Crisp skills and building week to week.

The final shout out must go to Teddy, Cat and Mason for helping Drew out with the team selections.  Apparently they are collectively taking all credit for tactics which lead to at least a dozen goals!

We make the journey across the lower north shore to Gore Hill Oval for 9am on Sunday to play the Willoughby Wildcats Green U9s.  See you all early for the warm up and pre-game banter.

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