Lane Cove Cats U14YG vs Queenwood U14YG Friday 31st July

Written by Lane Cove Cats

3 August 2020

After the disappointment of a Round 2 washout, a Friday night game at the magnificent Middle Head Oval meant we didn’t need to wait long for the sound of boot on leather to come around again.

Captain for the day, Armo, led the team on and as we’ve become accustomed, Ash shot the ball out of the middle to get the game rolling in a rollicking first quarter. Queenwood played an extra player at the front and the back, leaving our wings free to run – and run they did, exemplified by Maia’s mark in front of the appreciative one-parent-only crowd. Lucy had the opposition coach counting heads, to make sure she wasn’t an extra player, as she continuously found the ball in space near goal and kicked four in the first quarter alone. Elin ran onto the ball on a number of occasions and after a couple of close misses, found the goal and Laces joined the spree with one of her own to end an entertaining first quarter with a healthy lead to the Cats. Q1 LCC 6.2.38 v QWD 2.0.12.

The second quarter was probably the best the Cats have played. Jaime’s tackling was only bettered by her attack on the ball, which broke the packs and drove the ball into the half-forward line. Gracieeeee was an imposing presence in the centre and Maia continued to gather possessions from the dominant centre play. LilyS’ running back in defence was instrumental in snuffing out a number of the opposition attacks and Armo was her usual dominant presence across the half back line. It would be possible to list 14 players that played well in this quarter, but most impressive was that every individual effort contributed to the team performance. Shepherds were laid as a matter of course, short handballs found
the player in better position and the kicking to the free player was a delight to behold. The only downside being a little inaccuracy in front of goal, but Elin, LexieP and Lucy added to their totals and our favourite score was achieved at half time. Q2 LCC 9.7.61 v QWD 2.0.12

Queenwood instructions at half time were clearly to smother the ball to slow the Cats run and along with a bit of post half time let down, the game entered an arm wrestle phase. This is tailor made for Jaimie who loves a good pack to run into and with Chops using her height advantage to find a way through the traffic and LilyS finding space with good run, the Cats continued to dominate, but with fewer scoring opportunities. LilyD was another finding space and moved the ball up the wing regularly, with ample sideline encouragement. Q3 LCC 10.11.71 v QWD 2.1.1

With the game in the bag and the parents contemplating the best route home past their favourite bottle shop, the expectation was that the final quarter might peter out. However, Queenwood came out fighting for honour and the Cats took up the challenge. One play exemplifies the way this team is playing. Tipsy left her tagger behind and ran strongly into the forward half to win a free kick. She kicked sweetly into the forward pocket where Chops took a difficult mark, on the run, over her left shoulder, wheeled away from the chasing defenders and slammed the ball goalward. Burna, having continued to work to shake her tagger, marked the ball to avoid being falconed and stepped back to calmly slot the goal. A tidy example of the skills being demonstrated by the team. With bags being packed and the crowd rising, LexieP putting the icing on the cake with a
well deserved goal at the death.

This week’s special mention: LexieW, who ran the messages and did a brilliant
job of translating coach-speak to teenage-speak.

Cats remain at the top of the table.
Final Score: Lane Cove Cats 12.12.84 d Queenwood 2.1.13
Goals: L. Yates (6), E. Ladmore (2), A. Prentice (2), G. O’Dowd, E. Byrne
Players’ Player: L. Yates

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