Lane Cove Cats U12YG vs Balgowlah Suns Sunday 2nd August 2020

Written by LaneCoveCats

3 August 2020

Nice to see the sun out for our U12YGs away game against formidable opposition at Balgowlah.

A key tip from Coach Dan for this game, was to not be too congested around the ball, and to spread out. Spreading out and maintaining a structure in the forwards, mids and backs is a natural development of skills as the girls start to trust their team mates, and to start playing as a team more than as individual stars.

In the first and second quarters it looked like the message was getting through, with some fantastic ball movement between our players, and some convincing ‘marks’ of the ball. There was a goal to Eliza and a behind to each of Sibellla and Kayla. The game was starting to get tougher however with Josie being roughly tackled in the second quarter and having to sit off to recover, and with our flying half forward, Eliza coping a knock in another hard tackle in the third quarter and having to sit off for the remainder of the game.
Despite this, our team spirit lifted again, and with some quick hands from Celeste, Genevieve landed a goal and Josie a behind, to still keep the opposition scoreless at the end of the third quarter.

Last quarter and with a friendly rotation of our players, an emboldened opposition took advantage and scored 3 quick behinds, and were holding us in their forward 50 zone.  
Sensing they may chance a goal, it seemed like the whole opposition team had moved into the forward zone, with congestion around the ball that would do a Wallabies scrum proud, and our team battling to survive a late push towards the try line (oops I mean goal posts). 
We had Polly, Chloe, Lily, Veronica, Imogen and Sami battling their hearts out to keep the ball and stop them scoring. Emi, Farah, and Antonia were also drawn into the defence. 
The other team’s desperation was starting to show, when Lizzie copped a loose fist to the cheek after sneaking the ball back. Although briefly stunned by this, she brushed it off and ran back to help our team defend the score.

A last gasp in the dying minutes of the game saw us finally break free and cross into our forward half and towards the goal, but alas the clock beat us to scoring once more.
There was some tired girls who had run and tackled their hearts out throughout the game, but we enjoyed our first win of the season  2-3-15 vs 0-3-3

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