Lane Cove Cats U10 Selwood vs Pittwater Tigers Rance U10

Written by Jono Ladmore

20 July 2020

The sun was shining, the air was still, and the sounds of football were finally back. Sunday
marked the first round of our interrupted season, and Lane Cove U10 Selwoods couldn’t
wait to get back on the field.

The key message to start the season was to be first to the ball, and to keep the opposition
accountable, but the opening few phases of the match were dominated by the Tigers, as
their bigger bodies in the midfield allowed for repeated entries into their forward line, and
some quick goals. The injection of Jonti into the ruck started to sway momentum away from the Tigers however, as notwithstanding that the Tiger’s ruck was taller and bigger, Jonti’s bodywork gave our midfielders first use, and our forwards were suddenly in the game. A couple of good shots on goal by Ryan and Archer fell just short, but our intensity lifted.

The rest of the game was an arm wrestle, both teams fighting hard for the ball, and moving
the ball well between the zones. Our first goal by Hamish was a brilliant team effort, which
involved moving the ball from our defensive zone, through our midfield into the forward. A
great team effort to lock the ball in the forward zone was rewarded when Hamish was able
to get into space and snap truly.

Archer was terrific under the ball, taking a number of strong marks, including a great
contested grab. His overhead ability led to our second goal. Ivan was also strong under the
ball, and played with the fierce intensity that we know so well from last year. Our first
gamers in Xavier, Harry and Ollie L, showed that they belong on an AFL field, as they fought
hard for the ball all game. Ollie L also took a terrific mark in the defensive zone that stopped
a Tigers goal.

Our third goal was again the result of great teamwork, as the ball was moved from our
defensive zone into the forwards. The kick into the forward zone fell a little short, however
Ollie M charged at the ball, hotly pursued by a tigers defender, he picked up the ball cleanly,
rode the inevitable tackle, got his hands free for handpass to Ryan in space, who ran
towards goal, took a bounce and split the uprights with a fearsome kick. Ryan’s first half
was good, but his second was excellent, he took a number of clean marks, tackled fiercely
and fought hard for the ball all day. Ollie M played his best match yet (in his third season
under this coach). He was hard at the ball, laid some fierce tackles, including one in the final
quarter that stopped a certain tigers goal, and was rewarded with the coaches award for an
outstanding game.

Jude’s aggression at the ball got him plenty of possessions, and he rarely lost a one on one contest. Jonti’s clean ball use was essential for our transition across the ground, and he
dominated the midfield. But mostly pleasing for this coach was the way all our defenders
played. The Tigers were able to get the ball into our defensive zone on multiple occasions,
but all our players defended fiercely, making the Tigers have to work for every point, but more often our boys hard work meant that the ball was repelled out into our midfield,
allowing us to launch our next attack.

A magnificent opening game, I can’t wait for the next. If we maintain our intensity and
ferocity at the ball, we are in for a very good season.

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