Auskick 2020 almost 1 week to go

Written by Jono Ladmore

10 July 2020

Hi Auskickers,
Almost only 1 week to go before we can finally get started for the year!!

7:45am on the 19th July is when we kick off, running through until the end of September. I’m sure we’re all pretty keen to get out for a run around on a Sunday morning again and keep getting back towards normal. Unfortunately due to a multitude of reasons we haven’t managed to get the U8’s up and going early, however they will start on the 19th July with the rest of Auskick and then start up their home and away games around week 5 or 6 (16th or 23rd August) for an approx 5 week season.
Just a couple of housekeeping points to mull over:- Socks are not included in the subscription this year, so if you don’t have any from last year, you can order them from the club here.- If you’ve got any specific guernsey and short size requests (big or small for their age), I’ll be going through and allocating sizes over the holidays so please let me know.

Finally, if you can help out as a co-ordinator to run some drills/groups, please let me know. Looking down the list of parents there’s a few that I’ve locked in already, so even if you don’t volunteer, you may well be “nominated”… 

As always, if there’s any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Go Cats!

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