COVID-19 safety policies & procedures

Written by LaneCoveCats

2 June 2020

Under the guidelines provided by government authorities and the AFL, we can now undertake small group training sessions of a max of 10 people.

There are also a variety of policies and procedures that we have to follow. These include

  • Each training group will consist of 9 players and a coach.
  • All training sessions will be allocated via our TeamApp
  • Every player must apply hand sanitisers before undertaking training
  • Only players who have replied to TeamApp will be allowed to train. Players will then be marked off as attended by coaches. This is a crucial in meeting the reporting requirements.
  • Training area marked by cones. No one other than members of training squad are allowed within this area.
  • Only balls and cones can be used
  • Equipment and balls to be cleaned after every session.
  • We ask that parents and players don’t linger near the oval after the training session has finished. We would rather you depart as quickly as possible. This will stop large groups forming during the changeover period, making it difficult to adhere to social distancing laws. 

The club will have an official COVID safety officer, who will make sure all policies and procedures are being adhered to. This officer will also handle any issues you may have. 

The AFL has prepared a detailed set of policies that we will be following strictly. These include the following:

AFL Small Group Training guidelines

  • Staggered training schedule (start times, different days, potential for different locations).
  • Training groups of no larger than ten (10), including players and officials.
  • Maintain consistent group members and no movement between groups can occur. 
  • Training activities must be non-contact (no tackling, bumping etc). 
  • Use of equipment to be limited to footballs and marking cones.
  • If pair/group work is required, pairs will be consistent across each training session.
  • Specific group activity footballs can be used but should be wiped down after each session.
  • Any spectators, including parents or caregivers, must remain outside the boundary line and observe social distancing and we recommend that junior players have a maximum of 1 parent / caregiver present at training.

Hygiene protocols

  • Alcohol based hand sanitisers must be available for all team training sessions, with players encouraged to use prior, during and following training.
  • There is strictly to be no sharing of personal items such as water bottles, food or towels. Personal items need to be easily distinguishable, labelled and kept separate.
  • Maintain high levels of hygiene if using a mouthguard (i.e. limit touching / removing mouthguards during training, clean / sanitise regularly).
  • Players and coaches should avoid spitting or clearing nasal passages at Small Group Training. Avoid high fives, handshakes, or other physical contact.
  • Club provided footballs to be wiped with antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after Small Group Training sessions.

COVID Safety Officer

  • Ensuring all players, coaches, officials etc are aware of the Return to Small Group Training Protocols.
  • Ensuring a club’s adherence to these protocols and taking immediate steps to correct any identified breaches of the protocols.
  • Developing any processes or initiatives that will aid a club’s adherence to the Small Group Training Protocols.
  • Implementing and maintaining the training logs / registers
  • Keeping up to date with any changes to the protocols implemented by the AFL and communicating these to all within the club.
  • Contact point for any questions from club members (players, coaches, officials, spectators etc) relating to Small Group Training Protocols.

You view the guidelines in more detail here

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