Cats Training began then we ran into COVID-19

Written by Jono Ladmore

18 March 2020

“It started with a bang”, said Schoey (Paul Schofield) Director of football from the Lane Cove Cats. “Pre-season training is so important for skills development and team bonding. It’s all about having fun, getting fit and listening to the sage advice from our coaches who are involved in all levels of AFL in Sydney.”

Training for the various girls teams is on 5pm on Wednesday and Fridays and the boys train 5pm Thursday and Friday. The Friday session is really a chance to hone your skills practicing specific aspects of the game, a bit like a golfer is constantly tweaking their golf swing.

Training is also an opportunity to meet members of teams that maybe from different schools or in different age groups you don’t get to see regularly. “It certainly will be a great preparation for the weekends games”.

Unfortunately all of this has come to a sudden halt due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the events till the 31st of May. This doesn’t mean you can’t stop training. You can always grab a ball, a friend or even a dog and have a kick, pass or run to enhance the skills you have already learnt.

Over the coming weeks we will post specific activities you can do on your own or in small groups after school or during the lunch break… Stay tuned.

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