Match Report Round 14: McWilliams U14YG vs Canada Bay Cannons U14YG Sunday 4th August 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

7 August 2019

Match Report U14Gs McWilliams

Round 14 vs Canada Bay Cannons

The penultimate round of the season saw the LCCs up against the Canada Bay Cannons, a team that plays a similar style to the cats and has been a bit of a bogey team, being the only top five team that we haven’t managed to topple this year.

The picturesque Drummoyne oval beckoned and the Cats turned up in dribs and drabs as the last minute message that the manager had got the start time wrong filtered through, or didn’t.  A great turnout from the 12s playing a double header, meant that we got a bit of a view of what next year’s team will look like.  Perhaps mismanagement and a glorious day were the reasons for a slow start, with structure a bit lackadaisical and the ball more waited than chased.  The physicality started to return in the second quarter.  Nat, Roija and Jamie all put on some strong bumps and there was give and take on both sides – mostly legal.  Emma kicked her first goal since last week and at half time the damage wasn’t too bad:  CBC 1-3-15 v LCC 1-0-6.

The second half fireside chat from Coach Jemma saw the team get their act together, the half back line was holding firm, but this is no easy opponent and scoring opportunities were scarce.  Elin ran beautifully into space a number of times, which eventually led to a goal and Emma racked up her second.  With the cannons not breaking the big sticks, the Cats held a slender lead at the third quarter siren.  LCC 3-0-18 v CBC 2-5-17.

At three quarter time Coach Jemma demanded accountability – one on one marking would see us through, but it seems the Cannons coach might have had the same idea as the final quarter entered a tight arm wrestle.  Cats defensive line was holding well and keeping the ball in the forward 50, but a break through by the Cannons led to a behind and a goal and a clear lead.  The Cats went forward again.  Avishi ran into clear space at the top of the forward line and took a beautiful chest mark, one of the opposition players ran across the mark and while half the parents explained the rule to the other half, Avishi was marched forward and calmly slotted the goal from right in front.  Scores tied, ten minutes to go.

The Cats had the field position, but the Cannons defence held true.  Time and again the ball went in to the 50, just to come back out again.  CharlieD’s defence was outstanding and if there was an award for power to weight ratio, she’d win it hands down.  With thirty seconds to go, the Cannon’s broke free and hearts sank.  Surely not another loss on the siren, but the Cats defence rushed across, smothered the ball on the boundary and the final siren went.  Game drawn.

Do you sing the team song after a draw?  Oh yes you do!  Fantastic to see the smiles on girls faces and the chat about the game afterwards.  Once again, footy was the real winner.

Final scores – Lane Cove Cats 4-0-24 drew Canada Bay Cannons 3-6-24.  Goal Scorers – Byrne (2), Katemaneni, Ladmore.   Player’s Player – Katemaneni.

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