Match Report Round 14: Lane Cove Cats Swanson U12YG vs Forest Lions Maroon U12YG Sunday 4th August

Written by Jono Ladmore

6 August 2019

Firstly thanks to all the U10 girls who raced back to Blackman Park from their game to help us out with numbers. We had to postpone the start time 30 minutes to accomodate their late arrival, but it was really welcome as without it we would have forfeited the game. Thanks Isabel, Celeste, Emi & Jasmine.

Genevieve H also turned up in a Mrs Incredible outfit and the face mask to boot. Woohoo I thought super human powers are on our side today.

It was the second last game of the season, it was a hot winters afternoon and I think the team reflected a long season thats nearly over in their performance. Having said that there were plenty of positives to come out of the day.

The team’s tackling was fierce and the practice during the week absolutely helped in our strong efforts. When given an opportunity every girl in the team relished the opportunity to stick a tackle and gain possession. We have joked about Sami Z’s technique, but I saw a significant improvement in her ability to grab her opponent and bring her to the ground.

This year we have focused on possessing the ball with handballs instead of kicks down the ground. Eliza and Lily in the middle are the perfect example of always passing the ball out to their team mate who is in a better position. This week though we saw some fantastic play from Jeannie N and Lexie P in the forward line. They were looking for a team mate first and more often than not the ball found the target.

The team ran hard. It was hot and late in the day, but that didn’t stop them chasing after anything that moved. Without Grace in the middle I thought we might lack some speed, but Lizzy Y made up for this, always taking on the defence and moving the ball forward. I thought at one stage Maia K was going for another run and bounce goal, but the ball went the other way. The important thing was that Maia was in a position to receive the incoming kick or hand ball, always running in to space.

On a last note, at training 2 weeks ago we practiced kicking or hand passing to a team mate and then following up down the field to take possession again. The key message here is that when you kick the ball your involvement is not finished. I may embellish this a little but to see this practice drill reflected on the field was so pleasing. It was in the second quarter and Elin was in defence and took possession of the ball, she kicked out on the wing and found Eliza who took a strong mark. Elin ran past and received a hand ball from Eliza. Elin then kicked down to Maia K, who again took a strong contested mark.. Maia then kicked in field and found Lexie P free and another mark before the half time siren sounded. No goal came from this, but the team work was amazing, skill level was high and this one piece of play showed me how far we have improved over the year…

Well done girls. One game to go.

Players player Genevieve (or should I say Mrs Incredible!)
Spirit Genevieve
Courage Lily

Genevieve 1.0
Lily 0.1
Lizzy 1.0
Sami an unfortunate 3.2 for the opposition

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