Match Report Round 9: Narkle U8 vs Pittwater Tigers White U8 Sunday 28th July 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

31 July 2019

Team Narkle was at it again on Sunday morning playing out a great contest with the Pittwater Tigers White team. The Tigers had a few players not make it down the peninsula for the game and so a number of Narkle’s finest were borrowed to ensure a fair and fast contest was had.  Family, friends and siblings were out in force. We had great support all day from the home crowd and I think all the boys and girls noticed the extra cheer after each goal and good piece of play. 

Pre-game I caught up with our club president Daniel Hynes who introduced me to Verity who was to make her debut for U8, well done Verity.  Verity showed me a mouth guard that looked like it had spent a few weeks on the side line and possibly longer in a strays mouth. Judging by the bite marks possibly a labrador but maybe cross with street mutt. “It says Jake Spiden” said Verity. I said “Wow! Jake has a history with mouth guards. Last week his grandma did the  return journey from Hunters Hill pre-game looking for this! She will be pleased that she can stop looking for it now! I’ll give it to Jake. Thank you.” Jake’s mum was wrapped it showed up and Jake knew he was going to have a good day. And he did! I think we were blessed to have Jake hovering around centre half back in the third quarter marking everything, moving the ball on. In one instance when the game was there to be turned on its head by The Tigers a long ball came into a large pack forming. Amongst a crowd of opposition Jake at full stretch clunked in an absolute screamer, opposition players falling like nine pins all around Jake still standing strong. He never looked like dropping it! Now Levi Casbolt is a fine specimen but he is worried that Jake might get a call up this week in the Blues starting line-up, and grandma will be on hand to bring his mouth guard along if he needs it!

It was a fine welcome for Verity to our team Narkle and I think she slotted herself in quite neatly.  Not one to shirk a contest she got involved in the middle early and was able to grasp the pace of the game the longer the contest wore on.

Jordan Spinks our captain for the day lead from the front, with good banter, head over the ball and pressing as ever the ball forward or kicking truly to improve his teams position.  Jack Phillips was involved everywhere and was damaging by foot or by hand.  Jagger Mortimer made a welcome return and slotted in seamlessly to our line up with his beautiful left foot passing setting us up early with deft passes from defense.

Marcus Kiley played a great team game, listening to instructions, staying a loose man in the middle or keeping options open for his fellow forwards.  I think I saw a good shepherd to give Maddy more space to convert a telling goal as well as slotting one himself. Will Spring was effective throught the middle when stationed there but was most comfortable in attack around goals.  He looked hell bent on maintaining valuable possession and getting team mates involved.  Despite the immense defensive pressure he had the presence of mind on many occasions to make sure possession was maintained to maximum effect for Narkle.

Max-Xav Gavin was superb in the contest up forward.  He managed to get into space on many occasions but the most telling was smack bang in front of the posts and he converted truly, well done Max! Your team loved the goal as much as you did kicking it truly. Maddy Tyrrell was steady as ever and looked like she had spend the morning in the dentists chair after coming off second best in a tough contest.  To her credit she dusted herself off and was back in the game burrowing into contest after contest as we expect from her.

Edward Callaghan had plenty of the ball this week just like the last.  He found it harder to convert the running goals but managed to maintain possession when the ball was in our forward half and help his team eventually convert under what was extreme opposition defensive pressure.  Ed did manage to kick the ball in the opposite direction this week as well, however he was wearing the bib for the opposition and should be commended for a fantastic effort each way!

Evan Bertocchi’s number 28 will be forever burnt into the opposition coaches minds.  I think its now his favourite number because Evan played well everywhere on the ground, including when he played for the opposition.  He has masterful with his running possession, bounce and kicking and it didn’t matter where he played the ball managed to find his clean hands and he generally knew what he needed to do with it!

Ethan is not only a fantastic team player and running machine, but he has also mastered the much maligned skill of harassment. Not since Mickey Martin, maybe Ben Stratten, has there been so much energy pumped from one player into making the opposition feel bad just by sheer physical exuberance.  If that was the extent of his game a coach would be worried however Ethan brings so much more.  He was let loose by Drew on rotations in the last quarter and I think the ball was his own through the middle. He was energetic, fast, skilled and knew where to put the ball to greatest effect for his team mates to convert up forward. Well done Ethan.

We are on the early trek back up the peninsular this week – 8am start at North Narrabeen Reserve for the return leg against the Tigers Black!

Well done all and Go Team!

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