Match Report Round 13: Lane Cove Cats Swanson U12YG vs St Ives U12YG Sunday 21st July

Written by Jono Ladmore

30 July 2019

The team ventured to Acron Oval for a game against St Ives, who in our last encounter soundly beat us . We know we have improved greatly over the season so this was always going to be a great test to see where we were sitting.

We have played short all year which has been hard for the team so this week St Ives lent us 2 players who we have learnt over the course of the year play better in our forward line 🙂

It was close for the whole length of the game and was hard watching on the sidelines, the team fought hard but went down by 2 goals 5-7-37 to 3-5-23. We structure our game around our defence, if we can win the ball and send it back through the midfield we can swarm forward and open the goals up. Elin L, Maia K, and Charlie D played the majority of the game down back and were simply awesome. Maia K received lots of the ball and was always quick to provide an escape hand ball to her team mate. This was the best game I have seen Maia play today. Elin L and Charlie D have formed a great partnership in defence, they compliment each other well with different playing styles. I hope in coming years they continue to team up down back.

Lizzy Y also played her best game today, she was in defence in the last quarter but rotated through the midfield and up forward. She wanted the ball more than her opponent today and was a standout and received the Players player award. Sami Z and Jeannie N also played versatile roles all over the ground and it was great to see the improved tackling techniques from both players. Lexie P also attracted lots of ball today. It’s hard when you’re playing forward and you have to rely on the St Ives replacements to help out. Our plan was to hold the ball up in the forward half to give time for our midfield to help out. Lexie did a great job here.

Lastly to our midfield group who ran hard today and copped lots of hard knocks. Lily S, Grace O and Eliza M. Grace O was strong, she did not get her own way as usual as the St Ives tackling was was hard, but she fought back and held her own. Eliza M was always involved in the play and is crucial in the teams ability to win the ball. She tackled hard and her short hand passes from stoppages were first class.. Lily S was rewarded with two goals today she ran everywhere and was brave after copping an errant elbow.

The game was closer than the score indicated, we were right in this till the final siren. From being soundly beaten a few weeks ago to a very even game across the park, all of the Cats can hold their heads up high!

Well done.

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