Match Report Round 8: Lane Cove Cats Rohan U8 vs Balgowlah Suns U8 Sunday 21st July 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

22 July 2019

After 2 weeks in an ice-bath the team showed no signs of a break as they came out raining goals in the first quarter.

We had our star runner Max back in action this week returning from a broken arm as we also welcomed Callum to the team for the rest of the season.  Well done to Callum for getting involved straight away and contributing with solid teamwork all the way through the game, very impressive.

The goal from Max was an absolute ripper – I may be a little off the mark but the way I remember it was Max gathered the ball on the forward flank (out of a pack), reverse spin, ball under the arm, 3 fast steps, danced around the opposition before running his full measure, taking a few more steps, changing direction, over the pack and then a kick for goal (after maybe a few more steps) – you beauty!!

The captaincy from Coco today was outstanding and she really lead the team well.  Her skills with keeping the ball in front of her during play, the pass to a leading Owen in the forward line was better than the delivery to Buddy Franklin this season and the goal she kicked as reward for her efforts was only topped by her celebration with Owen and a high five – great effort today Coco you had a great performance as captain.

Special mention goes to Tom today.  The development in his skills this season as well as his teamwork to get mates involved is outstanding – also something to be very proud of as the sign of a great player is to make sure all your teammates are involved in the game and looking to find them in a better position, well done Tom.

Homework for the week is to work on celebrations – next week I want to see the best team goal celebrations we have had this season so practise your cartwheels, handstands, aeroplanes and slides this week to put them on display next weekend!

Team Captain – Coco

Best Goal – Max

Best Mark – Luke

Next game is 28th July at 8:45 vs Willoughby and it is an away game at Gore Hill Oval on Pacific Highway – get there are 8:15 for a warm up and some demonstrations of the best celebration…

Max will be our Team Captain, we’ll have the Bateson’s on Orange and Snake duty with the Bealby’s and Bateson’s doing the B&F voting.

See you next week.

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