Match Report Round 6: Narkle U8 vs Rohan U8 Sunday 23rd June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

26 June 2019

Rain was forecast but to many of us a pleasant surprise, the sun was out on an otherwise crisp Sunday morning. It was great to see our friends from Team Rohan warming up with the team as everyone prepared together before the game.  I was told by Peter Beck prior to the game that sickness had taken over his team and they were looking for a few spares to make up numbers and hats off to our kids for doing the team thing and lending a hand.  It was slightly disconcerting to see Jake, Jordon and Evan line up for the opposition in various quarters knowing how damaging these boys are, however they did play well regardless of which end of the ground they were kicking to.

I felt like communication was up across the ground with more talk heard on the ground than ever before during the game which was encouraging.  Everyone was willing to not only run through the middle but also give it off by hand, with many a transition from defense to attack being undertaken by kick, followed by and or linking with a hand pass – all players trying to get their team mates involved. It looked as if the whole team has lifted in terms of their skills, how they are plying their football craft and how they are involving others. Harder to pick our best this week as it was a truly even display across the park by all players.

It felt like the Ed Callaghan and Charlie Moten show at times in the early part of the game with both boys featuring in some great plays, whether marking or connecting with other team mates at various times. Ed in particular taking a few outstanding contested marks in the middle of packs of tall timber and Charlie quite business like in his application and endeavour.

I am never too sure what opposition teams make of our Maddy Tyrrell, always bobbing up in the right place at exactly the right time, looking more willing to link up by hand through the middle with her team mates than kick, but as soon as she is anywhere near the goals she makes the opposition pay with her kicking skills.  This weekend was no exception.  Thank you again Maddy for entertaining us all!

Max Gavin displayed some fluid kicking and connected well with the forwards allowing the team to convert important goals.  Marcus Kiley was solid with his ball movement in the middle and gained plenty of possession in the forward third when stationed there.

Jake Spiden was exceptional in defence, attack, midfield and for the opposition. His mate Jack Phillips, the same except where it says opposition, insert half time oranges! It was great to see Jake following the team instructions to sit behind the play and control the game in a more defensive midfield role, passing the ball on to team mates and setting up runners sending the ball into attack.

Jordan Spinks and Ethan Chamberlain both ran hard for their team, used the handball well and kicked accurately, the former being deadly in front of goal. Will Spring was no messing about and poised all day, handballing and kicking with great accuracy as well as marking solidly.

Finally Evan Bertocchi was superb, cutting the middle of the ground to pieces with his damaging running and bouncing a dominant feature of the mornings play. He loves a run and he loves that magnificent left boot! Well done Evan.

This week we are at Gore Hill Oval again for a 9:45 AM game.  Lets get there at 9:15 for the warm up.

Go Team Narkle

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