Match Report Round 10: Lane Cove Cats Selwood U10 vs Manly Phantoms U10 23rd June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

26 June 2019

Well, the weather forecast was completely wrong! The forecast weekend deluge didn’t happen, so we were able to play, in pretty good conditions on Steve Chisholm Oval.

We had 5 of our boys either away or other things on, plus 2 other boys woke up sick Sunday morning. Being down 7 of our regular players was always going to mean a tough game.

With thanks to our under 9 teams, we borrowed 5 of their players, after they had played their games (thanks to Chris and Tim D for organising the extras!). With coach Chris away, Brett stepped out of the Team Manager role and into the coach role for the day.

The Phantoms remembered we had outplayed them last time we met. From the first bounce, the Phantoms took control of the ball and moved it down the field, setting the scene for the game.

Brett’s talents don’t extend to standing on the field encouraging players as well as scoring, so he can’t provide score updates.

Our under 9’s players did slot into the team quickly, and they all took a few strong marks. The rest of our boys played their hearts out. Nick, Luc, Jamie and Olly M were always getting to the ball quickly, and did some strong tackles.   Finn took some solid marks and moved the ball well. Daniel enjoyed running into some space and launching the ball down the field. Xavier played well including good taps in the ruck and some tackles.

Olly M was finally rewarded for his terrier-like efforts by scoring a goal in the last quarter!

The boys enjoyed playing a game of footy. On the day, we were outplayed by a good team.

We did forget the footy rules, and we saw what happens.  We need to remember to: 1. Be first to the ball (which we usually do a good job of doing) 2. Hit our target 3. Know our player and mark them. 

Our lack of marking meant the Phantoms were able to keep kicking the ball forward, and they often had 2 or 3 options to kick to.  It is a hard thing to do in AFL – we need to be right on our opponent when the ball is coming towards us, and when our team has the ball, to break away from our opponent to create space.   Marking in AFL is different to marking in soccer…my dad used to always say you needed to be close enough in AFL that you could smell what flavoured toothpaste they had used to brush their teeth that morning.

When we did win the ball back, we struggled to be able to kick the ball to a team mate. 

All good things for us to focus on, when we welcome back our regulars.GO CATS!!!

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