Match Report Round 10: Lane Cove Cats Swanson U12YG vs Willoughby Wildcats U12YG 21st June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

24 June 2019

It was a cold Friday night at Gore Hill Oval, as we lined up against the Willoughby Wildcats. In our last meeting they ran us down in a real close game and I know our girls were keen to play well and obtain a better result in this outing. We were without Lily S and Genevieve H and Eliza M was only coming at half time. Netball and sickness, doh! We were lucky to have Izzy B and Scarlet H as awesome replacements from the U10s, they play like they belong.

We started in a defensive position, we knew they would come out hard. The plan was to hold up till half time, have Eliza M join the team and then release key players forward. The girls in defence were brave. Charlie D and Elin L played down back all game and were simply awesome. Lizzy Y and Sami Z both rotated down back with Grace O, but Willoughby’s pressure throughout the first half had us down 3 goals at half time. Lexie W was great in the ruck winning lots of ball and contributed to the small margin at half time.

Eliza M joined the team and the third and fourth quarter were a pleasure to watch, we moved players around and by the end of the game had three great goals and lots of near misses. We didn’t end up winning today but at the Cats our culture is that player enjoyment and development come first.

I am excited when I see Izzy B take an awesome mark and have a shot on goal that just sails wide of the post. Scarlet H burrow in for the ball and come off second best, she comes off, but before we can get some ice she is back on the field working towards the next contest. Maia K and Lexie P continue to win the ball and enjoy this with the team and lastly Jeannie N laying a solid tackle on her opponent.

Grace O in full flight passing the ball to a team mate. Eliza M so good getting the hard ground ball and Charlie D’s rock solid defence.

At the Cats,

We coach to encourage our girls to improve as individuals and play as a team

We play positive footy and celebrate not only good play on our team but good play on our opposition as well

Our parents support our players, we cheer form the side line, some of us emotionally feel every tackle and high five each other.

Our runner encourages the team, looks for opportunities and provides support, is a role model and active part of the team

Most importantly we create an environment where players have fun, look forward to training, can’t wait for their game on the weekend and sleep with their footballs.

I am a proud member of the Lane Cove Cats

Eliza – 1 Goal
Grace – 1 Goal 2 behinds
Samantha – 1 Behind
Lane Cove Cats 3-3
Willoughby – 5-5

Spirit – Izzy B

Courage – Scarlet H

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