Match Report Round 5: Narkle U8 vs Pittwater Tigers U8 Sunday 16th June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

19 June 2019

This was possibly the first time most of our kids played football in the wet.  Game day excitement certainly was not dampened by the rain and the cold, and it was great to see a full complement of players front for the warm up in these conditions.  I am sure many a parent were thinking of doonas and not Goretex, but everyone put in for the team and it was great to see so much support on the sidelines.

The highlights were aplenty with cleaner skills being the difference between Team Narkle and the Pittwater Tiger rivals. Despite the near perfect surface at Blackman, the game was wet, the rain unrelenting, but the players eagerness to play for their team undampened.

Goal of the week must go to Will Spring, who now has a pocket named after him (Willow’s Pocket). Stuck in the right forward pocket in the second quarter, kicking towards the Linley Point end of the ground, summed up the situation beautifully, measured precisely and had the presence of mind to lay the ball across his boot in a checkside manner and snapped truly. The opposition goal umpire not knowing what to do suggesting the ball, because it bounced back into play, calling play on, only to be overruled by the field umpire seeing it clearly bounce over the goal line. Not sure if Dad Andrew saw this feat as he was at the other end of the ground goal umpiring for Team Narkle, and visibility was down to about 25 metres by this time of the match!

Mark of the week must go to Jack Phillips who twice stopped an important forward thrust by the Tigers, marking cleanly balls that were so high they came down with ice on them! In one instance, his clean ball handling and kicking set up Jake Spiden in the middle who moved the ball onwards with crisp kicking to Maddy Tyrrell who converted the goal. It was classic coast to coast football, the ball moving faster than the Tigers could get directions back to the Wakehurst Parkway.

As has been the case, rain, hail or shine, Ed Callaghans poise around the ball early set up many forward movements, Jack resolute in defence and devastating in attack, Jordan Spinks switched with white line fever in front of goals like Bruce Wayne does when he turns into Batman (loved the hoodie Jordy!).

Willow Spring was steady and clean with no pretenses just dower commitment to his team, Maddy controlled the game in attack and Jake’s clean skills and beautiful link ups between defence turning them into attacks made wet weather football look like it was September.

Charlie Moten was bullocking in the midfield and showed great team play in attack. Max Gavin specially dressed in Cats war paint, as our captain, was dogged around the ball early working in with his team mate and leading them well.

Marcus Kiley was in and under early moving the ball forward, shovelling the ball out from under the packs; while Evan Bertocchi and Ethan Chamberlain, our running machines, always looking to bounce and set things up through the midfield for their forwards regardless of the conditions.

We return to Blackman Park this coming weekend for the derby clash with Team Rohan.  Game starts at 9:15AM, so please be there by 8:45AM for the warm up.

Looking forward to another great game by Team Narkle!

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