Match Report Round 9: U10 Selwood vs Mosman Swans Red Sunday 16th June

Written by Jono Ladmore

18 June 2019

Our first and only taste of Friday night footy this season! We gathered in the heart of Mosman Swans territory on a cold Friday night with loads of family supporters. The Swans were really confident coming into this game, with their Manager quickly telling me they had only lost one game this season.

The Swans got the jump on us for the first couple of minutes, where they had a number of waves going forward. The Swans definitely had a number of fast, skilful players. Our defenders played really well, and repelled these waves often turning them into counter attacks. There was good defence from both sides, which saw about 4 shots at goal smothered. Our boys adapted to the change of pace, and then managed to restrict the Swans players really well.

The story of the night was the Swans gave our boys too much space and our boys used that space to duck and weave, to then get the ball to their teammates or shoot for goal.  Harry and Finn scored goals in the first quarter, which saw us lead 2-0-12 to 0-2-2.

The Swans were more competitive in the second quarter. They again came out quickly …but we managed to stop them from scoring. Our defence held, and Cooper was just a super-solid centre half back. It was incredibly hard to get the ball past Cooper, and when he had the ball, he burst through 2 or 3 tackles each time he ran forward. The Swans threw everything including the kitchen sink at us, and they didn’t have any score to show for it in the second quarter. Half time saw the scores 2-1-13 to 0-2-2.

At half-time, Coach Chris reminded the boys they needed to keep going hard, and the Swans were still in the game. The third quarter is the Championship Quarter (as they say). Well, our boys came out firing. The intensity was there from the ball up. Cooper and Joe continued to do great ruck work, and improved how they tap out to their team mates. On one ball up, Joe tapped to Jamie, who quickly kicked it through for a goal before anyone could blink. What a move…Cooper even won some ruck contests by tapping to teammates behind him, so we could keep possession. Great stuff to watch.

Jamie somehow goes into a pack of 6 boys, gets the ball, ducks and weaves, then kicks to a team mate or has a shot at goal. The third quarter saw Jamie kick 2 goals, and both Cooper and Joe kick goals.

All of our boys enjoyed having just that little bit of extra space and time, and used their great sidesteps to great advantage, which caught the Swans by surprise! Danny, Olly M, Tom, Luc, Nick and Zac were able to regularly get the ball, evade tackles and go for mini runs (noting in under 10’s you can only run up to 10 metres!).

When the Swans had the ball, they all seemed rushed, as if they could hear our boys closing in on them really quickly.

Three-quarter time saw us lead 6-2-26 to 0-2-2.

The Swans ordered the Antarctic wind for the last quarter, which was easily a 3 goal breeze favouring the Swans. Our boys stuck to getting to the ball first, looking for their team mates, and tackling the Swans if the Swans had the ball. Harry continued to find huge amounts of space which saw him kick his second goal. Finn also played strongly, scoring his second goal of the night. Our defence continued to work really hard, again repelling a number of Swans attacks.

Final score: Cats 8-2-50 to 1-4-10

All of our boys had really good games. The quality of footy they are playing is high. Their teamwork is good and improving. Their conduct on the field continues to be fantastic.

Mark of the Day went to Olly M who took a number of great marks, and has really settled into the team well (in only his second game with us!). Kick of the Day went to Tom for some booming kicks moving us forward in the last quarter, and Most Courageous Player went to Cooper who chased everything, tackled everyone and burst through dozens of tackles.

One thing to continue to work on, is our tackling – keeping our feet, and wrapping the ball up so the opponent can’t get rid of it.

The boys sang the Club song with gusto and pride, after having a fun game of footy with their team mates…just fantastic to see them have that much fun and enjoyment even in the cold weather.

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