Match Report Round 9: Lane Cove Cats Swanson U12YG vs Mosman Swans U12YG 16th June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

18 June 2019

With a few other grounds closed on the day we were surprised, but glad that Steve Chisholm Oval remained open for our clash with the Mosman Swans. The U10YG side’s game was cancelled so they provided some extra numbers. Thanks so much to Genevieve H, Scarlett H, Victoria W, & Isabel B for slotting in at the last minute. They all competed hard and will be welcome back anytime.

We were also missing Lily S, who was unwell. Hope you are feeling better Lily (See you on Friday).

We started off our warm ups by declaring that the girl with the dirtiest uniform at the end of the game will win a prize… It’s at this point I must declare maximum ignorance to those who were going to clean said uniforms. I did not think this through but it didn’t take long for Genevieve H to take on the challenge and find the occasional mud patch to bathe in (again so sorry Team Hynes!). The oval was in great condition though and although there was some surface water on top it looked good to go.

The girls started slow in the first half and although we were playing well and competing really hard for the cake of soap (ball), they just didn’t get the rewards for their effort. Mosman slotted a quick goal in the first quarter, there was quite a bit of chatter down in defence. I am hoping it was about the game and the slippery conditions but on reflection I think Elin L and Jeannie N might have been sharing notes on the latest Tolkien book they had read. We were down 0-5-5 to 1-1-7 at half time.

A big thank you to whatever was injected into the oranges at half time because the team came out in the third quarter and kicked 5 goals to none. They dominated the play sharing the ball around and even at some times over using the hand pass to get clear. Lexie P took a spectacular mark in front of goals kicking truely to bring up her first. The organised goal celebration was a barrel role in the wet, which Lexie tentatively performed. This apparently was not good enough and the team ordered her to do another one, we all have standards that need to be maintained.

I was so pleased to see the U10’s get involved in the play and always look for a free team mate. No making up the numbers here, Izzy B made up for her size in the way she burrowed into each contest. Scarlett H has a lovely right boot and was confident to use this whenever she had the ball. Veronica W looked comfortable in the forward line pressuring the opposition at ever opportunity. Genevieve H was aqua planing across the wet ground due to the fact she was already so wet herself.

In the last quarter Elin L took a solid mark and kicked a goal, but overall the girls played as a team, it’s not about who kicked the goal. It’s about how we move the ball into positions where we can cause problems. Maia K was dangerous whenever she grabbed a possession. Charlie D had her game of high standard, whether it was in the forwards, midfield or defence, there was no equal. Sami Z recovered from her elbow injury and tackling and winning the ball all over the ground. Standouts today were Grace O and Eliza M, they both ran hard in the midfield selflessly hand passing when required and kicking when in space.

It was a solid win today.. Well done to all… Bring on the big game this Friday and let’s hope we get a wet Friday so the whole team can get a start.

Players Player: Lexie

Courage: Eliza

Spirit: Genevieve (dirties player)


Charlie: 1.3

Elin 1.1

Eliza 0.1

Lexie 2.1

Grace 2.0

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