Match Report Round 5: Rohan U8 vs Pittwater Tigers Yellow U8 Sunday 16th June 2019

Written by Jono Ladmore

18 June 2019

Today was our first wet game for the season and it poured…  Credit to the kids they did what they always do and held possession until they could find a teammate and then get it to them.

Angus M led by example being captain today – he was vocal, kept his body behind the ball in the wet weather and always looked for a pass off to one of his mates.

Oscar did a great job as well today and stopped a number of goals from Pittwater on the last line of defence, as did Archie and Luke combining with some great passes and leads in the forward line for goals.

Overall a solid team effort from everyone today in very tough conditions!

Something for the children to work on is their kicking style and how they drop the ball to their foot.  If they hold the ball properly it will be easier to drop it to the foot and swing the leg through in a straight line – if they do this the ball will go where they want it to.  Below is a link to a demonstration – it’s a good idea to show your child this so they get their technique right in the early years.

Team Captain – Angus M

Best Goal – Luke

Best Mark – Isla

Next week we are back to the LCC Derby at home.  Saskia will be our team captain, the Bealby & Willemsen families will be doing the B&F votes and McGregor will be on oranges and snakes.

See you next Sunday!

Go Cats!

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